Trail Discovery for Kids: Cash Lake Trail

Hike Information

  • 2 mile circuit hike – Goose Pond Trail to Cash Lake Trail to Valley Trail to Laurel Trail and back to Goose Pond Trail.
  • Facing the museum, the trail head is to the left of the parking lot.
  • The trail is mainly flat with one small hill on the Valley Trail. There is one raised boardwalk on the Cash Lake Trail.
  • This trail is jogging stroller friendly.
  • Link to the trail map.

Age Appropriateness

  • This hike is great for all ages. The trail is wide and jogging stroller friendly for toddlers and preschools and minimal elevation change for children five years an older to hike.

What is fun for kids?

  • Lots of wildlife – hear and see (if you are sneaky) carpenter and green frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, birds like osprey, great blue herons, egrets, red-wing black birds, blue birds, deer, chipmunks, snakes, turtles, and tons of toads (particularly in the summer).
  • A beaver lodge on the Cash Lake Trail.
  • Blueberry and raspberry bushes.
  • Fallen trees to test your balance skills.
  • A floating bridge near the dam on Cash Lake.
  • The National Wildlife Museum.


  • No cautions – no steep edges or muddy areas, trails are marked, little poison ivy, and all the creatures of comfort needed, bathroom, water, and shelter!
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