Trail Discovery for Kids: Rachel Carson Conservation Park

Hike Information

  • Circuit hike.
  • Rachel Carson Greenway Trail to Hidden Pond Trail to Fox Meadow Trail.
  • 3 miles.
  • Start at the parking lot and kiosk.
  • The trails are jogging stroller passable with a few minor obstacles (i.e. feeder springs into the Hawlings River).

Age Appropriateness

  • This is a great circuit hike for all ages. The trail surfaces are fairly level and smooth with minimal rocks. The hike offers minimal elevation change.

What is fun for kids?

  • Hike in three different ecosystems: field meadow, deciduous forest, and pond meadow.
  • Visit the pond.
  • Hike along the babbling Hawlings River.
  • Climb and play on the various rock outcroppings.
  • Quiet. There are few visitors to this beautiful, serene park.
  • A large boulder in the middle of Hawlings River. Hike .33 miles beyond the left turn to Hidden Pond Trail on the Rachel Carson Greenway. The boulder is to the right of the trail, it sits about 10 feet above the river, and is able to sit four people. A beautiful spot to listen to the river fall over the rocks.


  • No bathrooms.
  • No trash cans. Please Leave No Trace and pack out your garbage.
  • There a few small stepping stones, not well placed, to cross Hawlings River to reach the pond. A great place in warm weather to wade across in waterproof sandals.
  • The trail is muddy in places where feeder springs cross the trail. Plan and dress accordingly.
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