Sometimes as parents we forget that it’s important to give ourselves a little bit of time with our significant other or even time alone. Nurturing ourselves makes us better parents, equipped with more patience and a rested attitude towards our children’s needs. This is why I’m so excited to introduce to all of you hard working parents a wonderful FREE resource that is available with the click of a button.

UrbanSitter is an online tool that helps connect parents and qualified babysitters in the DC Metro area. With no membership obligations or hidden fees, UrbanSitter allows parents to create an account, search for sitters by date/time or post a job. Browse your results, read reviews and match your children up with a compatible caretaker.

We decided to take the service for a spin to see what it had to offer from a parent perspective. Creating an account was straightforward and easy to maneuver, unless of course, you do not have a Facebook account. The registration process requires that you sign up through Facebook. UrbanSitter’s mission is to connect parents and babysitters through people that they already know and trust. Using a Facebook account helps extend your network and create a more customizable experience.

After you have created an account, you can build your parent summary that will only be available to sitters that you book. This page allows you to share the names and ages of your children, home address, parking info in your neighborhood, emergency contacts and languages spoken. An affiliations area is also an option so that when you are searching and booking you can find sitters that share affiliations with your friends.

With a date in mind, I conducted my search from the dashboard page of the website. In seconds I had over 73 sitters that may have matched my needs. There is a gamut of search and filter options that help narrow down the top matches for your family. The biggest factor in my search however was what other parent’s experiences were with a sitter. I wanted to read real experiences that occurred between sitters and families. This feature made me feel more at ease when trying to find the right match for my sweet peas.

After narrowing down the results, you can interview a sitter and schedule the appointment online – a very convenient feature. Interviews can take place over the phone or in-person so we decided to touch base with our sitter over the phone first. I had my standard list of questions ready and had a nice chat with the ever so gracious, Lily Roberts.

She was very easy to talk to, professional and as sweet as a peach. The combination of our conversation, her experience and the rave reviews she received from other parents led me to my next step – confirming the date and time.

When you are ready to book the date and time, simply find your sitters homepage, click “Book Now” and fill out the appropriate information. An email will be sent to the sitter of your choice offering them the engagement. If they accept the job, you will receive an email confirming the date and time.

Another wonderful feature of UrbanSitter are the email reminders. As you can see below, you will be given a reminder about the upcoming date.

Not only is the service easy to use, they also make it easy to pay your hired help. No worries if you do not have cash on hand. You can pay the sitter via cash, check or credit card. I must say, it was odd not having to write a check or make sure to have cash on hand. And it was effortless to be able to have my account set up so that the only thing I had left to do was to confirm the hours that Lily worked with a click of a button.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that my girls were well cared for and that we felt comfortable sitting poolside while Lily took our girls on an imaginary pirate ship adventure in our home. She was extremely professional, sent us a couple of text messages while we were away and connected beautifully with our 2 and 4 year old girls. The overall experience from start to finish was seamless and pleasantly worry-free. If you are looking for a babysitter, UrbanSitter is an excellent way to start your search. Once you have your core base of sitters, the service can still be a useful tool in booking your sitter and keeping up with communication.

UrbanSitter has met the demands of our technological, multi-tasking world. With so many of us plugged into our computers or smart devices, UrbanSitter has made it easier to find and book a trusted sitter. Download their free app from iTunes or hop onto their website and start your search today. You deserve a break!

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