Wayside Farm Fun

Nestled in Berryville, Virginia, about 35 minutes from Dulles airport, is the family-friendly Wayside Farm. Perfect for children of all ages (and adults), there is something for everyone!   The main attraction for 2016, is the corn maze based on Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins!

Wayside Farm offers many hands-on and safe activities for young children. Corn kernels fill three corn cribs – two with toy tractors and one that kids can physically get into like a sand box.  Children can ride John Deere tricycles on a small track.  There are sandboxes, playground structures, and duck races – which was a HUGE hit. The farm animals and especially the ‘Goat Walk’ delighted everyone.

Wayside Fun Farm Fall Festival

New for 2016 are the ‘Barn Twisters.’ These are life-like hamster wheels that older kids can run inside while they turn.  Another new feature this year is the giant pillow that is the size of a tennis court.   The pillow is like a bounce house without walls.  All the bouncing children are loosely monitored by farm staff.

Older children loved the option of smashing pumpkins from the pumpkin cannon. For $5, you can shoot six pumpkins through a cannon at a target. Of course, EVERYONE loves the corn maze. There are two options when you approach the mazes that are clearly marked. 

One is a shorter route (15 min) while the other takes longer (45 min).  Each person is given a set of 10 Redskins themed clues that guide you through the maze.

Wayside Fun Farm Fall Festival  Wayside Fun Farm Fall Festival

Everyone enjoyed the tame hayride which included a scavenger hunt to find NFL themed items in the scenery.  There is also “Barnyard Ball” that involves throwing real footballs and baseballs into a targets.  The Mega Slide was in the back of the farm.  Because there is so much offered, there were no lines or crowds at any one area when we visited on a September weekend.

The pig races delight all the visitors. Pig races are held at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.  Get there on time because it ends quickly.  After the pig races, pumpkins are dropped and smashed onto metal drums from a crane that is 50 feet in the air.  An employee does a funny commentary on the pigs and pumpkins.

Wayside Fun Farm Fall Festival  Wayside Fun Farm Fall Festival

Food is welcomed in the park and there are many picnic areas. Fair type food is sold near the front entrance (pizza slice $3, hotdog $3, nachos $4, cheeseburger $5, etc). Bring cash and plenty of quarters to feed the goats.

Porta-potties are located throughout and hand washing stations are available. Bringing a stroller is very tricky with the rough ground.  Wear old clothing and shoes.

Admission is $10 but discounts are available for military and younger children.  The farm does special night events on the weekends closer to Halloween so be sure to look at the calendar online.  Many pumpkins are offered for sale ($.50/lb) in a patch and decorated around the farm.

Wayside Farm Fun is open until October 30th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and Columbus Day.  Head to Wayside and make it a new fall family tradition!  And bonus, if you’re an Our Kids member, you can get a 20% discount on admission.

Photos by Andrea Verwys.

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