Strawberry Picking at Wegmeyer Farm

When it comes to having one of the best times picking strawberries, then a visit to Wegmeyer Farms has to be top on your list. This gem tucked in the picturesque Hamilton, VA is a must see. And, with strawberry season only being a few weeks long, I couldn’t miss the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs and get out into nature again.

So, I hit the road with my five-year-old son to pick strawberries in Hamilton, VA. A bit of a drive from where we live in upper Montgomery County, but it was well worth it! Despite the days of torrential downpours our area had experienced the previous week, and the fact that my son is NOT a nature loving kind of kid – he STILL loved every minute of sliding in the mud and picking some of the reddest and sweetest strawberries we both had ever tasted. The staff at Wegmeyer Farm were more than helpful and gave us a quick tour and tutorial of how to get started, how to find the best strawberries and even what little critters to watch out for. I’d highly recommend you add Wegmeyer Farm to your May/early June must-do’s!

If you can make it in the next two weeks, you’ll get treated with some of the best strawberries our region has to offer. Or, check them out in the Fall for an amazing assortment of pumpkins too. Plus, to add a little more adventure to your trip, try avoiding the highways, and instead take the backroads and enjoy all of the quaint sights that historic Hamilton has to offer. We did and it was a mini-history lesson in the making!

More About Wegmeyer Farm

With three locations in the area, you can have a unique pick-your-own experience for the whole family. Hamilton, VA boutique farm setting – Tucked away on back roads of Lincoln (between Purcellville and Leesburg) at a historic homestead, our farm provides the most scenic views of rolling farmlands.  We offer picnic tables for you to bring your own lunch and refreshments available for sale.

After you pick berries, we invite you to stick around with the kids and let them play on the John Deere tractor slide and playground. 38299 Hughesville Road, Hamilton, VA Historic Oatlands – our strawberry patch and era-themed attire at this historic mansion will whisk you back to the 1800’s.

For those who do not want to walk from the parking lot to the field, you may hop on the wagon for $5 for adults and children under 16 are free.

Directions and Parking

While visiting our strawberry patch is free, you can choose to make a day of it by purchasing tour passes for the historical garden and/or mansion, in addition to strawberry picking. 20850 Oatlands Plantation Ln, Leesburg, VA Gilbert’s Corner – strawberry picking in its most natural state.  This no-fuss location is perfect for a simple outing.  Parking is available right at the site.  Intersection of Route 15 and Route 50 in Aldie, VA.

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