Wings to Fly Therapy and Play Center

Located near the Dulles Wegmans in Chantilly, Wings to Fly Therapy and Play Center is filled with amazing sensory and hands on toys and activities for children.  Although it is created for children with any special needs, all children are welcomed.  Therapy sessions (speech, PT, etc.) as well as open play events are offered here.

Wings to Fly Therapy and Play CenterWe arranged a play date for 4 children with the owner Donna ahead of time via email.  One of the children in the group has epilepsy and I was assured that this was perfectly fine.  I was told a private room would be available in case of seizures. 

Making reservations ensure that the ratios are safe, appropriate, and privacy is given for children if needed.

Wing to Fly is extremely clean and professional while maintaining a homey, laid back and “independent play” atmosphere.  Donna has personal experience with autism and leukemia and her passion is seen throughout all the details in the center.

There is a lobby area with rocking chairs, magazines, and a large train table.  Shoes are requested to be taken off in this area.  Waivers also are signed here and payment for open play is collected ($10/child).

There are two large rooms FILLED with swings, trampolines, hammocks, play mats, slides, ball pits, small and large toys, inflatable balls, and much more.  Therapists are available for direction and play but it is a very casual atmosphere for children to have independent or lightly guided play. 

During our visit, balloons and bubbles were Wings to Fly Therapy and Play Centerbrought out.  A few ride-on toys that were appropriate for the ages of our children were also introduced.

Other than the large two rooms, there is a book nook and two small rooms available for children to be one-on-one with an adult or read.  Two of our children were encouraged to make a fort in these rooms. 

There is also a full kitchen for art, play-doh, sand, chalk and paint.  When we return, we hope to explore this area more.

Open play lasts for 2 hours.  The kids were exhausted and fully engaged the entire time.  Our child that is slightly delayed showed remarkable progress after being at Wings to Fly!  The center is located in a modern office park area. 

Parking is very easy and located close to the main doors.  Bathrooms are spacious in the building with changing tables and step stools.

Wings to Fly Therapy and Play Center  Wings to Fly Therapy and Play Center

Photos by Andrea Verwys.

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