Flight Trampoline Park

The kids and I went to Flight Trampoline’s new Springfield location for their opening weekend and we had a great experience!

Flight Trampoline Park impresses with their organized lay-out, friendly staff and clean environment.  In advance of our trip, I bought tickets and did the waiver through their website.  Upon arrival, we waited for a turn at the register (if we had not done the waiver, computers onsite allow you to do it while you wait).  With the help of a cashier, our transaction finished, and we were issued stickers displaying our one hour jump time. Jumpers can buy special socks or jump barefoot; we opted for the latter, stashed our stuff in the cubbies (lockers available for a fee), then hit the trampolines.

The kids were drawn first to the dodgeball area close to the entrance.   There, an impromptu game of ‘kids vs. adults’ dodgeball started up.  The space is enclosed with ramped ends for maximum acceleration.  Next, I moved to the flat ‘free jump’ area and tried to repeat the flips and twists I did on the trampolines at sleep-away camp when I was young…no luck.  The kids bounced around, and then led me to the giant air bags in the back of the room.  This is the place to practice catching air and colossal jumps, because the air bags take all the impact out of landing.  It’s like being a stunt double in a movie – amazing!

The space has a second enclosed dodgeball court, as well as a basketball space with two hoops and slanted trampolines underneath.  An adult showed my basketball-obsessed son how to bounce up the ramps and dunk the ball in the hoop; my son couldn’t quite get it, but he had a blast trying!

Lastly, there’s an area called Kiddie Court which is just for kids 46” and shorter.  Flight Trampoline has morning hours where the whole place is restricted to little kids, but anytime they come, little kids can be safe in Kiddie Court.

The staff at Flight Trampoline Park is very friendly.  They remind folks of the rules (mostly, no running on or off the trampolines, and no sitting on the covered springs between trampolines).  They were polite and mostly smiling.   There are plenty of places for observers to sit or stand to watch, including a second floor loft with a great view.

Additional Information

  • Admission is $10 for Kid Flight (ages 6 and under) and are only available from 10am to noon Monday through Friday.  Regular admission is $15 per person for a one hour “flight” time.  30 minute flight tickets are available for $11.
  • Friday nights from 6 to 9pm is Family Night.  Bring immediate family (up to 5) for $35/hour.
  • The bathrooms seemed small for the size of the space (only two stalls in the ladies room) – plan ahead!
  • There are snack and drink machines if you didn’t bring your own food
  • There’s a small seating area in the front to wait coming or going, or to meet friends who drove separately.
  • Birthday parties are available and packages start at $180 and go up from there.
  • Follow Flight Trampoline Park of Virginia on Facebook to get the latest on special events and more.

We were thrilled with our experience at Flight Trampoline Park, and think it’s a great place to burn some energy.  It would be a fun venue for an adults night out, too!

Photos by Jill Rabach.

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