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“I use Our Kids so regularly and don’t know what I’d so without it! Easy to find things to entertain ages 2 to 8, which is what 4 kids range in age. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks for your hard work and happy to support Our Kids.”

– Rosemary M.

“Thanks for all of your hard work keeping us up-to-date on local events through Our Kids. Your website is my go-to for things to do in the area. It’s great!!”

– Vicki M.

“Our Kids has provided me and my daughter with resources and activities that I would have not been able to find otherwise. As a single mom I think it’s important to find fun, affordable and educational activities and with Our Kids by our side we have been doing that since 2010.”

– Erica T.

“I appreciate all that you do to keep our family engaged and entertained!”

– Nicole F.

“I’m so excited about getting the newsletter. I feel like I’ll actually get out w/ my kids and enjoy activities rather than hearing about them after they’ve already happened!”

– Dawn N.

If we need something do with our girls I always look to your site! Very informational and helpful.

– Jodi J.

“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done when the kids were little without Our Kids – I scanned it daily to drum up ideas for the week! And now, even though they’re much older, in school all day, etc., I still check it out for new ideas and reviews. It’s an amazing resource and we’re so grateful for it!”

– Stephanie O.