Frying Pan Park: Putting the Animals to Bed

I have a really unique event to share with all of you! Frying Pan Park offers a plethora of hands-on learning experiences during the daytime hours, but did you know that they also offer a peak inside the farm as the sun is setting? We spent our Tuesday evening saying goodnight to a variety of animals at Frying Pan Park. What fun!

The program is called Putting the Animals to Bed. It offers 3 to 5 year olds a chance to see what happens when the sun goes down and the lights are off on the farm. We met up with our tour guide at 7pm just beside the climbable tractors. You will want to dress according to the weather and definitely bring a flashlight for you and your child.

Once you check in with the friendly tour guide, the group will head over to the barn. There will be some introductions and some engaging questions about what children do before they go to sleep, all setting the tone for the adventures ahead. After chatting and finding out more about how animals sleep, it will be time to go check things out up close and personal!

While at the farm, we were able to feed a couple of brown cows and lambs. Mr. Joe was an outstanding leader as he engaged both children and adults. We learned about the sleeping behaviors of animals such as horses, sheep, chickens, ewe, peacocks and pigs. The pace of the program was just right but it really varies depending on how many questions come out of the group.

After the animal tour, all of the groups met back at the barn bench area. We reviewed what we had learned and the staff handed out adorable animal masks to kids and parents. This set the stage nicely for a great rendition of Old McDonald. I think the animals appreciated the serenade, too. The program concludes with a sweet snack and a juice box. A story is read as the children quietly eat their snack. Make sure you bring hand sanitizer or wipes so that you can wipe your child’s hands before they eat snack.

After story time, we walked through the barn and said our final goodbyes to the pigs and lambs. Flashlights and whisper voices turned on, we headed back to the car anticipating great conversation. Our girls had so much to say about the animals and their experience at Frying Pan Park. It may be lights out at Frying Pan Park but that’s certainly not the case for the little lights going on inside of our children’s heads!

Things to Note

  • If it has rained recently, be sure to wear boots. It can get pretty muddy around the farm.
  • Bring your flashlight(s).
  • When registering for this event, make sure that you register both child and parent.
  • The fee for the class is $8 per person.
  • Classes fill up fast so be sure to sign up early. In fact the remaining two classes for this spring are full; but a waitlist is available. Be sure to check out their many other offerings.
  • The program is set up for an hour but we were there for an hour and 15 minutes.

Photo by Marcy Fisher

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