Creating Art: Infinite Space at Artechouse

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For those not familiar with Artechouse, it is a thoroughly new kind of art space which blends art and technology.  Art created with technology is meant to be experienced rather than observed.  Infinite Space is the newest installation at Artechouse and it is very engaging for children and grown-ups alike.

While many exhibits at Artechouse are interactive, this one is thoroughly immersive. The first room is the biggest and features three walls of breathtaking, ever-changing art.

Watch as huge clouds gather around you, patterns swirl, and more.

The floor is mirrored so the patterns appear nearly everywhere.

Grab a bean bag chair or bench to sit and watch or venture closer to the walls to get an up-close look.

Next, walk through a hall of mirrors to reach a

room with three smaller rooms, each of which can be entered in turn.  Each room has mirrors on three walls the ceiling and the floor.  Moving patterns are projected all around you as you stand in each room.

The final room in the exhibit is an infinity room.  Enter with your family (or friends) for two minutes to be surrounded by mirrors on all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

The projected patterns change several times as you are completely immersed.  After two minutes you will be let out, but if you or your child needs to get out sooner just knock on the door and the attendant will let you out right away.

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While all of my children (4, 8 and 11) really enjoyed Infinite Space, it may not be for all children.

Parts of the exhibit are dark and there are some flashing lights.

Some of the moving patterns can be a little disorienting at first and my four year old told me that he thought he would fall, but he never did and the feeling passed quickly.

Children (and their grown-ups) can’t help but to be truly in awe of how Artechouse uses technology to create a space unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Infinite Space should definitely be on your summer bucket list.

What You Should Know:

  • If you go, tickets are $16 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under if purchased online. Tickets are sold for timed admissions to keep the number of visitors at any given time limited.  If you are late, you will still be allowed in but you may need to wait until the next group is admitted.
  • Visitors can stay as long as they like. The average visit is about an hour.
  • Infinite Space runs through September 2nd.
  • For Infinite Space, all visitors have to wear protective booties over their shoes (provided in the lobby) to protect the mirrored floors.
  • When you enter the exhibit, the first thing you should do is sign-up for a slot for the Infinity Room. After you sign-up explore the exhibit until you get a text telling you to head over.  We waited 25 minutes, during which time we enjoyed the other exhibits, but wait times may vary.
  • Artechouse recommends Infinite Space for ages 6+, but my four year old loved it and we think it is good for all ages as long as kids don’t mind spaces that are a little dark and can understand not to touch the walls.
  • Artechouse is open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm daily for all ages. Starting at 5:00 pm Sunday – Thursday and 5:30 pm Friday and Saturday Artechouse is 21+.
  • There is on-street metered parking nearby as well as parking garages. Street parking is limited during weekdays but there is more availability on weekends.   Artechouse is also close to the Smithsonian metro stop.
  • There is a bar at Artechouse that also serves kid-friendly drinks. If you get a drink, be sure to download the Artechouse app and watch the magic happen.
  • Strollers are not permitted in the exhibit space, but stroller parking is provided.
  • The Wharf DC is a short drive, or about a five minute walk, from Artechouse. Make a day of it by grabbing lunch or dinner at one of the Wharf’s many restaurants after your visit to Artechouse.


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