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If having the kids home from school makes your heart start to race or if the cold weather has them bouncing off the walls, then look no further than Jumping Jack Sports. They offer multiple options when school is in session and out. Jumping Jack Sports runs half day camps, full day camps and open gym during the camp’s lunch break. I loaded up my team of reviewers (one 3-year old, a 7-year old and an 8-year old) for open gym option, which ran from noon and 1:30pm. I handed out sandwiches in the car and we made our way to Ashburn, Virginia.

Once we arrived I had to fill out a release form and pay while the boys hung up their coats on cute dog-tail hooks and put their shoes on the floor. Once shoeless, the boys bounded off to the gym. The space is massive, yet inviting and amazingly spotless.

The first thing you notice after entering is the huge inflated obstacle course/slide on the left hand side of the gym. My older reviewers headed there first. My little guy decided to check out the sport wall. The sport wall is actually a game akin to Whac-a-mole, but with circles that light up on a wall-mounted board instead of moles popping out of holes. My little reviewer loved trying to turn off the lights with his foam bat.

Aside from the sport wall and obstacle course there are many other activities in the gym. There is a traditional “moon bounce”, basketball hoops, a climbing wall, soccer goals, a climbing net, plasma cars and other ride-ons. My group of reviewers tried everything and spent just about every moment of the hour and a half in motion. In the end all three reviewers fell in love with the obstacle course/slide.

They climbed, slithered, jumped and slid their way through and then climbed way up to the top of the final big slide. My little guy was a little nervous about the big slide at the end, but with a bit of encouragement he made his way up and then down. On subsequent trips through the obstacle course any previous reservations were gone.

The average age of the kids in the gym appeared to be between four and five. The youngest seemed to be about two and my older reviewers were definitely the oldest kids in attendance that day. All of the children appeared to be having a wonderful time, although oddly there was only one girl out of the approximately 20 kids there. I believe that girls would love it equally as much as boys.

With about twenty minutes left of the open gym time, we decided to check out the XRKade. The boys put their shoes back on and ran up the stairs to Jumping Jack Sports’ “active” arcade. Each video game in the arcade requires some sort of motion. The games range from boxing to dancing and snow boarding.

My 3 year-old reviewer was way too young for the XRKade, but he enjoyed pretending to play Guitar Hero. My older reviewers liked the XRKade, but struggled with a few of the games. They each said that they would have preferred to stay in the gym downstairs if they had it to do over again.

At the end of open gym, I loaded my sweaty, worn out kids back in the car. They all declared Jumping Jack Sports a ton of fun and asked when we could go back. Both older boys even requested that I sign them up for the all day camp next time. I think that could definitely be arranged.

Jumping Jack Sports offers many other options during the year besides camps and open gym. They offer classes that range from sports classes to skateboard clinics. Weekday and weekend party packages are available. Check the website for more information. There is also a kids afternoon out program every other Friday and occasional Parents Night Out events on weekend nights.

Important Information

  • Open gym times vary and are on weekdays only. Weekends are reserved for private groups and parties. Check the website for the weekly schedule.
  • The open gym cost is $10 for the first child and $8 for each sibling and $6 for siblings between 18 months and 2 years. XRKade pricing can be found online.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the gym.
  • Children must take off their shoes while in the gym, but it is okay to wear either socks or go barefoot.
  • Children ages 7 and up may be left for up to an hour and a half. Parents must stay with children ages 6 and under.

Other Information

  • There were attendants there to help play with the children and help with activities and equipment in both the gym and XRKade.
  • There is a snack/drink machine in the main lobby.
  • The bathrooms were clean and had stools to help little ones reach the sink.
  • Hand sanitizer was available in multiple locations.
  • Jumping Jack Sports offer birthday parties.

Bottom Line

Open Gym at Jumping Jack Sports was very successful. My boys can’t wait to go back again. They very much preferred the gym to the XRKade, but I believe that older kids and parents might appreciate the XRKade more.

Photo by Carly Blair.

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