How Many Words Can You Make From Merry Christmas (+ Printable)

If you want to see if the kids can figure out how many words can you make from Merry Christmas, you’re in the right place! This fun Christmas game is a fun way to add something a little different to the holiday. 

Here you can even download a free printable with all the different words so you can see which words you miss.

This is a great way to sneak in something a little educational and fun this Christmas season. During the holiday season we love to play word games that are holiday themed.

This is a perfect addition to a Christmas party or even a fun family game around the Christmas tree.

  1. Tis
  2. Sat
  3. Sit
  4. Time
  5. Santa
  6. Me
  7. Sits
  8. This
  9. The
  10. He 
  11. Her
  12. Is
  13. His
  14. Hiss
  15. It
  16. Its
  17. As
  18. Am
  19. Mass
  20. Same
  21. Ate
  22. Are
  23. Mare
  24. Air
  25. Mares
  26. Care
  27. Cares
  28. Race
  29. Yes
  30. Races
  31. Ace
  32. Aces
  33. Yet
  34. Set
  35. Sets
  36. Met
  37. Team
  38. Teams
  39. Cist
  40. Tire
  41. Tires
  42. Cat
  43. Cats
  44. Came
  45. Aim
  46. Aims
  47. Ram
  48. Rams
  49. Mars
  50. Ham
  51. Hams
  52. Has
  53. May
  54. Sir
  55. Mam
  56. At
  57. Mat
  58. Mats
  59. Eat
  60. Eats
  61. Rat
  62. Rats
  63. Hat
  64. Haste
  65. Hats
  66. Sister
  67. Heist
  68. Tar
  69. Miss
  70. Master
  71. Masters
  72. Math
  73. Mist
  74. Mists
  75. Cast
  76. Casts
  77. Ash
  78. Ashes
  79. Mash
  80. Mashes
  81. Yam
  82. Yams
  83. Cherry
  84. Sherry
  85. Rash
  86. Taste
  87. Sham
  88. Shame
  89. Shames
  90. Tame
  91. Tames
  92. Ice
  93. Rice
  94. Rim
  95. Hire
  96. Car
  97. Cars
  98. Rear
  99. Rears
  100. Scar
  101. Scram
  102. Arm
  103. Arms
  104. Ray
  105. Sac
  106. Year
  107. Years
  108. Arch
  109. Chaser
  110. Charmer
  111. Charmers
  112. Cream
  113. Rem
  114. Rise
  115. Rises
  116. Raise

Make sure to download this fun Christmas activity to try out this festive season. 

Whether you want to use it for fun for the whole family or as a Christmas spelling worksheet for the kids any time, the game files are yours to download for personal use.

More Ways to Use This Game

With Partners

​For the younger children, you can pair them with a partner so they can still participate. 

With Santa Claus

This is a fun activity to do for a Christmas party and Santa Claus can start the game and read off the answers.

Classroom Use

This great activity can be used in the classroom and small groups can work together to complete the words. See which group gets the most answers right.

Mix It Up

There’s more ways to play based on who is playing and their reading levels. You can also create a word scramble game out of the words or use letter tiles for them to create the words. 

Secret Message

Use some of the Christmas-related words to create a secret message at the end of the game. For my kids who don’t like to write, they are to intrigued by the secret message to not do it!

Christmas Tradition

Make this a new part of your Christmas tradition for some friendly competition. See how many the kids can remember from last year or even change the words you use such as:

  • Santa Claus
  • Christmas tree
  • Candy canes
  • Father Christmas
  • Gingerbread house
  • Holiday dinner table
  • Nativity Scene

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