Three Billy Goats Gruff

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Puppet Co. Theatre

A visit to the Puppet Co. Theatre is always magical!  My four-year-old son loves seeing puppet shows at the Puppet Co. Theatre so much that he regularly asks me if there is a new show playing to make sure he hasn’t missed any.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a little different than other Puppet Co. Theater shows becacse  it has two distinct parts.

The first part of the show begins with an introduction to puppetry by master puppeteer Christopher Piper.  First, Piper brings a hand puppet to life, piece by piece, and gives her a funny personality with whom he jokes around throughout the process. Then, Piper brings out puppets from other shows, including a rod puppet and a marionette and shows the audience how they work as well, all in a very kid-friendly way.

The second part of the show is the main attraction – the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.   The classic story is expertly brought to life with Piper playing the roles of all the characters while perched atop a rotating mountaintop. In brief, three Billy Goats are hungry on one side of the mountain while lush green grass is on the other side.  Of course, getting to the other side requires crossing a bridge guarded by a troll.  The little brother goat ignores his older brother’s warnings about the troll and starts to head over the bridge.  His two older brother goats join him and all three are confronted by the troll whose limbs appear to float.  If you want to know how the goats outwit the troll you will have to see the show!  Once the show ends, Piper meets the children in  front of the theatre for a photo op with one of the goats.

As a bonus, to enter and leave Glen Echo Park visitors have to cross and actual bridge so be sure to stop to look for trolls after the show.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Seating is first-come first served with the front of the theatre reserved for children only.
  • No strollers are allowed in the theatre, but there is stroller parking just outside.
  • The show runs about 40 minutes.
  • If your child can’t sit through the show, the performance is broadcast live to a monitor in the lobby so you can keep watching.
  • There is free parking in the Glen Echo parking lot, but it can take about 10 minutes to walk from the lot to the theatre with kids so be sure to leave enough time!
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff runs from September 20 – October 6.  Tickets are $12. Everyone 2 and older needs a ticket.  Buy tickets here or at the box office.
  • When going to Glen Echo for the show, be sure to spend some time in the park’s fun playground or stop by the branch of Praline in the park for a treat. The carousel is closed for the season.
  • Group rates and birthday party packages are available.



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