19 Places to Eat in Deep Creek MD (+ Best Lake Views)

Nestled in the mountains of Western Maryland, Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County is a popular vacation spot offering breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures all year round. 

And what better way to refuel after a day of hiking, skiing, or boating than by indulging in some delicious local cuisine to satisfy your taste buds? 

Source: JG’s Pub

Whether you’re a fan of seafood, hearty comfort food, or farm-to-table fare, the Deep Creek Lake area has plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. 

Whenever I visit Deep Creek, my first priority is always to revisit my favorite restaurant and to try a new one. Join me as we explore some of the best places to eat in Deep Creek, MD, and discover the flavors of this charming mountain town.

Here are the 19 top places to eat in Deep Creek MD.

Source: Dutch’s At Silver Tree Restaurant

#1 Dutch’s At Silver Tree Restaurant

Dutch’s at Silver Tree is a popular, fine dining restaurant in the area with great food. This is definitely the place to go for great seafood and steak.  We loved the log cabin type of feel the restaurant had. Very cozy and welcoming! 

They offer family size meals and all the servers we encountered here are also very attentive and helpful. 

Source: Dutch’s At Silver Tree Restaurant

Some dishes you’ll definitely want to try are:

  • Crab imperial 
  • Bacon wrapped scallops
  • Crabcake sandwich

This definitely isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the list but it’s definitely one of the most delicious ones. 

Tip: Don’t forget to visit Harbor Bar there too.

Source: Brenda’s Pizzeria

#2 Brenda’s Pizzeria

If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant on the shore of Deep Creek Lake, Brenda’s is a great option. They serve some delicious New York style pizza and pasta.

The best way I can think of to describe the food here is Italian food done in a New York style. 

The pizza is absolutely amazing (and I’m not usually overly excited about pizza). Both kids and adults enjoy the food here. 

Source: Brenda’s Pizzeria | Chicken Philly Extreme

The portions are large and you even have a view of the lake. 

This is definitely a popular spot so be prepared!

Local tip: they also have gluten free options.

Source: Whisper’s Bar | Wisp Resort

#3 Whisper’s Bar

Located at Wisp Resort on Marsh Hill Rd, Whisper’s Bar in McHenry’s lodge is a full-service restaurant and bar. 

This is a perfect spot to go to relax and watch a game. 

While they don’t have a huge menu, the prices aren’t crazy as you might expect being at a ski resort. 

Source: Whisper’s Bar | Wisp Resort

They serve pizza, salad and sandwiches, as well as a kid’s menu. 

Tip: From the parking lot, when you enter, head up stairs and just done the hall to find it. 

Local tip: DC’s Bar & Restaurant is also on-site. They are more expensive but they do have large portions.

Source: Pine Lodge Steakhouse

#4 Pine Lodge Steakhouse

If dining in a log cabin doesn’t sound wonderful, I don’t know what does! Pine Lodge Steakhouse on Deep Creek Dr has nice fireplaces in it’s large dining room that make this restaurant extra cozy. 

You’ll find the restaurant just up the road from McHenry. This is a quieter restaurant with a casual atmosphere if you’re looking for something more low-key.

Source: Pine Lodge Steak House

The waiters are attentive and they have a variety of food on the menu ready to be prepared by their house chefs. 

We were quite impressed by just how beautiful our food looked when it arrived. Very nicely done!

In addition to the hand-cut steaks, some of the food we recommend is:

  • Chicken Oscar
  • Marylander Crab Cake sandwich
  • Cowboy steak
Source: Deep Creek Seafood

#5 Deep Creek Seafood

Deep Creek Seafood is popular not just for the fresh seafood, but for it’s beautiful views of the lake. I love sitting on the deck overlooking the lake. The restaurant has a lot of wood panels and has a wonderful nature feel to it. 

The food here is really good, the owner of the place is so nice and the serving sizes are large. 

Deep Creek Seafood is actually one of  my favorite restaurants anywhere as they have both great food and great service. 

While all the food is good, some popular dishes here worth trying are:

  • Cheese pretzel with crab meat
  • Gumbo and steamed mussels
  • Blackened Mahi Mahi tacos
  • Maple bourbon glazed salmon with broccoli

#6 Black Bear Tavern

You’ll find Black Bear Tavern next door to Pine Lodge Steakhouse on Fort Dr. This is the place to go to enjoy a meal and a beer while you watch sports. 

The food isn’t as fancy as some of the nearby restaurants but there is a fun atmosphere, some delicious food and the staff are very friendly. 

They also have a nightclub with live music (and a mechanical bull). 

While you’re here, you may want to try:

  • Crab cakes
  • Large burgers
  • Brisket flatbread
Source: Ace’s Run Restaurant

#7 Ace’s Run Restaurant

Ace’s Run Restaurant serves up some delicious and creative American food with fresh ingredients and has beautiful lake views as they have large wrap-around windows.   

The views here really can’t be beat! 

Some of their most delicious meals are:

  • Crab soup
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • “Make your own pasta” options
Source: Ace’s Run Restaurant

They can also handle large groups well and do it with a friendly smile on their faces.

Note: they do not accept reservations

Local tip: every Wednesday is pasta night where you get a chance to watch pasta dishes being prepared and enjoy all you can eat pasta.

Source: Firewater Kitchen & Bar

#8 Firewater Kitchen & Bar

Firewater Kitchen & Bar is located right off of Garrett Hwy on Deep Creek Lake along its widest point.

If you’re looking for a full bar with some excellent fresh-made craft cocktails and craft beer, this is the perfect place. 

Source: Firewater Kitchen & Bar

You also really can’t go wrong with the food here. They have some unique dishes that we haven’t seen in some of the area’s other restaurants like:

  • Honey Soy Glazed Salmon with Stir-fry Vegetables & Noodles
  • Disco Fries with High Country Creamery Cheese
  • Fisherman’s Stew
  • Smash Burger with 6oz of Angus Blend
  • Short Rib Grilled Cheese

All the food here really is incredible. The restaurant itself is more upscale and we tried a couple of their specialty drinks which were also wonderful. 

Taking the boat up to the restaurant, docking and enjoying a delicious, upscale meal next to the outdoor fireplace is definitely an experience I won’t hesitate to do again. 

Source: Deep Creek Fun Zone

#9 Deep Creek Fun Zone

Deep Creek Fun Zone is a great place to go for family-fun. They have an American restaurant and bar on-site plus lots of other fun indoor and outdoor activities including:

  • Go-karts
  • Mini-golf
  • Laser tag
  • Arcade
  • Rock climbing

They have typical food you’d expect to find at a family entertainment center including pizzas, flatbreads, salads, subs and fries. 

Local tip: the all-inclusive price is good for even just the golf-carts as the kids go so many times. With the pass, they can go for hours.

Source: El Canelo

#10 El Canelo

El Canelo is the Mexican restaurant in town serving up good Mexican food at reasonable prices.

  • Fiesta Fries
  • Grand Veggie Burrito
  • Chicken Chimichanga

They also have a good vegetarian menu, like the Veggie Enchilada Dinner (even if you aren’t a vegetarian!).

Local tip: the Mango Margaritas and apple churros are super delicious!

Source: The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

#11 The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

The Green Turtle is a sports bar with lots of TVs so you don’t miss any of the games. 

What’s on the menu?

  • Burgers
  • Ribs
  • Buffalo Chicken Nachos
  • Crab dip sandwich
  • Crab soup

Don’t forget to add beer cheese to your order of fries. It’s worth it!

#12 MoonShadow Cafe

If you’re looking for food made from scratch, this is your place. 

This is a community hangout spot that serves up scratch food and that includes some delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food options in a beautiful setting.  

Don’t worry, they still serve craft beers and delicious BBQ as well. Plus, on some nights they also have light music. 

The menu is quite creative and it’s definitely diverse enough that everyone in your group will find something to eat (yes, that includes your picky eaters too!). 

Located on Bumble Bee Rd, at MoonShadow you’ll find food options like:

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Pork-belly deviled eggs
Source: Deep Creek Pizza

#13 Deep Creek Pizza

Located inside of Funland, a family amusement center, Deep Creek Pizza is a popular spot to take a break from the arcade and enjoy some food. 

You’ll find everything here from pizza (of course!), fried foods, slushies and other drinks.

The pizzas do come out hot and fresh and despite being from an arcade, are very tasty. 

If you’re visiting Deep Creek Lake in Winter, they’re only open on Fridays and Saturdays. During the summer months, they are open daily. 

They also have soft-serve as well as Hershey’s hard dip ice cream and all the wonderful toppings.

Source: Traders Coffee House

#14 Trader’s Coffee House

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat along with a great cup of coffee, Traders Coffee House is the place to go. 

It’s always nice to try and mom and pop coffee shop instead of going to Starbucks. 

Source: Traders Coffee House |Caramel cookie dough cold brew with a sweet cream cold foam on top

We’ve tried a number of plates here and recommend:

  • Sausage, pepper and onion quiche (you’ll love this if you like steak & cheese subs)
  • Pumpkin smoothie bowl
  • Chicken & hummus wrap
  • New York bagels
  • Donut muffins
  • Cinnamon roll (it’s a monster so bring someone to share with!)

And while it can be hard to find smoothie shops in the area, this is a great place for smoothies. 

Local tip: they offer gluten free and dairy free options here.

Source: Honi-Honi Bar

#15 Honi-Honi Bar

The Honi-Honi Bar is a family-friendly restaurant where you can enjoy American food and live music on a terrace overlooking the lake. 

This is a fun, party atmosphere which is always fun.

There is lake access here, lake views, lots of outdoor seating and plenty of green space (plus a playground!) for the kids to run around. 

I recommend you try their strawberry margaritas in addition to some of their popular meals.

Local tip: visit Honi Honi Bar for the annual Deep Creek Dunk.

Source: Lakeside Creamery

#16 Lakeside Creamery

Ice Cream and a lake view? You’ll find them both here! 

Lakeside Creamery has been around since 1995 and is locally known for their delicious ice cream, homemade waffle cones and lake views. 

This is one popular place as you can’t find much ice cream in the area otherwise. And during the summer months, don’t be surprised if there is a big line waiting (although it does go pretty fast). 

Source: Source: Lakeside Creamery

They have the regular flavors you would expect at an ice cream parlor along with more fun and exotic flavors like:

  • Key lime
  • Peanut butter swirl
  • Cake batter
  • Rum raisin

You can even visit by boat and pull right up to the dock. 

I found their prices to be reasonable and they give good size portions too. 

Local tip: they also serve milkshakes and sundaes. Definitely try the Muddy Creek Sundae

Source: Archie’s Barbeque

#17 Archie’s Barbeque

Archie’s Barbeque is a must eat when in Deep Creek Lake. As the name suggests, they serve up some incredibly delicious BBQ. 

You’ll be seated at an outdoor patio that has picnic tables and if it’s hotter out, don’t worry, the tables are shaded. 

All of Archie’s meats and sauces are gluten free.

Source: Archie’s Barbeque

Everything we had was delicious including:

  • Smoked wings
  • Smoked mac n’ cheese
  • Ribs
  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Beans
  • Cornbread

Local tip: Achie’s is located next to Wisp Resort so this is a great place to go when you’re done skiing.

Source JG’s Pub

#18 JG’s Pub

JG’s pub is a better place to go for some really good cheesesteaks, wings, pizza and salads.

They are decently priced and it’s a popular local restaurant and bar.  Some popular food options are:

  • Nacho cheese fries with bacon
  • Maryland vegetable crab soup
  • Texas ranch chicken wings
  • Foot long Hebrew national hot dog

The crab cake salad is also good and the desserts are also made in house. 

Local tip: less than a mile down the road is Little Sandy’s Restaurant which is a great breakfast spot for unlimited coffee, pancakes, omelets, sausage and other yummy breakfast foods. 

Source: Mountain State Brewing

#19 Mountain State Brewing Co

Located off of Sang Run Rd, Mountain State Brewing Co is one of our favorite places to eat and enjoy the sunset. 

They have a fun atmosphere and we find their pizza is better than most pizzerias.

Source: Mountain State Brewing

They also have a delicious food menu with:

  • Baked pulled pork
  • Mahi mahi
  • Lobster bisque

One of the reasons this place is a favorite is there 40 different burbons, amazing pizza and their fabulous deck with lake views. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular restaurants in Deep Creek Lake?

The 3 most popular restaurants in Deep Creek Lake are Archie’s Barbeque, Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub and MoonShadow. See the full list of popular restaurants and what they serve here.

Source: Deep Creek Fun Zone

What are the best restaurants in Deep Creek Lake that deliver?

​There are several excellent restaurants in Deep Creek Lake that deliver including MoonShadow, Tomanetti’s Pizzeria and Deep Creek Bar and Grill.

Eating at Deep Creek Lake Restaurants

As you can see there are so many delicious restaurants in the Deep Creek Lake area that help make an overall great experience. 

With plenty of places with a great menu serving up the freshest food from local farmers to more fast food options, they have it all. 

If you haven’t tried all the restaurants here, make sure to make plans to visit a new restaurant on your next visit.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience, unique restaurant, a delicious breakfast, hardy lunch or just a short drive from the lake, it’s all here.

Deep Creek is a premier destination for nature, water activities and some seriously delicious food!

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