5+ Ghost Tours in Williamsburg VA (Here’s What to Know)

Ready for some spooky tours? You’re in the right place as here you’re going to find the best ghost tours in Williamsburg, VA. 

These ghost tours happen in some of the most haunted places with rich history and have plenty of spooky ghost stories to be shared. And what better way to kick off the Halloween season than with a ghost tour?

Over the past couple of years I’ve gone on many ghost tours and here I’m going to share what they’ve been like.

They each have awesome tour guides that will give you the ultimate ghost tour and share with you the hidden secrets. 

While you’ll leave spooked, you’ll have a great time as you explore the most haunted sites and haunted streets of Williamsburg. 

Here you’ll not only find the best ghost tours in the colonial Williamsburg area, you’ll even find the 2nd oldest ghost tour in the entire country.

Source: Colonial Ghosts

#1 Colonial Ghosts: Williamsburg Ghost Tours

Let me tell you about the creepiest, spookiest, and most popular ghost tour I ever took in Williamsburg!

When that sun went down, look out – the spirits came out to play! I hadn’t taken a ghost tour in a long time and decided to go on another one during my most recent visit to Williamsburg.

This Williamsburg Ghost Tour just may offer the best ghost tours in Williamsburg – the famous Colonial capital where Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers once walked!

Source: Colonial Ghosts

This after-dark haunt stroll showed me the supernatural side of the history of Williamsburg that the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation doesn’t like to advertise!

Our tour guide Rick knew all the best haunts – like the Victorian catacombs with bizarre cold spots and the eerie Indian burial grounds where phantom noises echo and where strange things occur. We wanted to take this cemetery tour as a daytime walking tour making it such a memorable experience for us.

Source: Colonial Ghosts

Being one of the best Williamsburg walking tours, we even stopped at a booze haunted old pub crawl where ghostly figures lurk after closing time! I couldn’t believe all the freaky stories of soldiers and colonists from the Civil War still lurking in these streets of colonial Williamsburg at night. The College of William & Mary alone has enough ghost sightings for a ghost storybook!

This award-winning extended ghost tour showed me the most insane paranormal activity hotspots all over town – all additional locations beyond the regular one hour tour. We explored past midnight to see the very spookiest stuff with all the ghost hunts. Let me tell you, by the end of the night I was jumping at every creaky floorboard. Colonial Williamsburg gets seriously creepy after dark! 

Source: Colonial Ghosts

If you’re ever in town and looking for some supernatural adventures, this is definitely the ghost tour you want. Just make sure to bring a fresh pair of underwear…you’ll need it!

So if you’re ever in America’s Colonial capital of the Virginia colony seeking spooky adventures, book this hour-long tour along with an extended tour and ghost hunt. After receiving the best tour operator award, I can guarantee you that you will learn so much about the colonial era and colonial history. 

Bring a fresh pair of ghost-hunting underwear for this nightly walk…you’ll need ’em! Because the spirits of the amber ox public house and the old cemetery come out to play after dark in good ol’ Williamsburg!

Source: The Original Ghost Tour

#2 The Original Ghost of Williamsburg Candelight Walking Tour

We really wanted to hear some gruesome true crime history from America’s Colonial capital and what better way than to go on the original ghost tour? So we went on the Williamsburg East Ghost Tour.

This is one of the second oldest ghost tours in the entire United States, as well as the first ghost tour in the state! It was definitely the creepiest walking tour of all about murder!

Source: The Original Ghost Tour

Armed with a stiff drink, we crept through the dark streets of Historic Williamsburg, where our guide revealed blood-curdling tales of infamous crimes from this charming little town’s disturbingly dark past. A far cry from the wholesome Colonial image!

We even used EMF detectors on our stop at the 18th-century Middle Plantation site, testing for ghosts of past violence! As the pioneer of ghost tours here since 1983, they’ve seen it all. The ghastly stories of greed, passion, and murder in Williamsburg will give you chills. 

Source: The Original Ghost Tour

After hearing the shocking acts of malice that went down right in these genteel streets, I was checking every shadow and keeping my hand on my purse! So if you’re seeking some seriously scary true crime lore, join the original East Ghost Tour.

Just don’t wander Williamsburg’s back alleys alone after this macabre stroll down memory lane!

Source: Peyton Randolph House

#3 Peyton Randolph House

I really wanted to visit one of Virginia’s most haunted houses from the Revolutionary era so that’s when we headed straight to the Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg! 

This place gives me the creeps just walking by. Can you imagine Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson chilling here when it was home to elite politicians and generals? Nowadays, generals of the ghostly kind hang around! 

Parts of the house date back to the early 1700s, making it one of the oldest buildings in Williamsburg. During the Civil War, it saw plenty of tragedy as a makeshift soldier hospital. So many angry spirits from the Revolution and war stuck around! 

I took a night tour and the ghostly vibes were off the charts. Flickering shadows, icy chills – the guides have tons of creepy stories of encounters. No wonder it’s a favorite stop on Virginia’s haunted house circuit! 

So if you’re into history with a paranormal twist, make the Peyton Randolph House a must-visit. Just don’t accidentally lock eyes with the spectral soldier at the top of the stairs…I’m still shuddering! This is one historic home where the guests never leave.

Source: Spooks and Legends Haunted Ghost Tours

#4 Spooks and Legends Haunted Ghost Tours

Have you ever gotten goosebumps hearing ghostly tales or seeing weird streaks and orbs in photos? If spooky mysteries fascinate you, then you NEED to go on this interactive Colonial Conspiracy Tour with Spooks and Legends!ย 

I was extremely captivated by the chilling tales of actual Virginia specters. We met costumed witches and pirate characters and heard the legendary demise of Blackbeard himself!

We even visited a famously haunted 18th-century house, rumored to contain 17 active spirits.ย 

Source: Spooks and Legends Haunted Ghost Tours

My kids got to dig through a real pirate’s treasure chest for souvenirs! As we walked the lantern-lit streets of this historic area, we heard insider stories of secret societies, Patrick Henry, and more. It’s a thrilling glimpse into this city’s unknown past!

Tours are only $20 per person and kids 6 and under come free with parents.

This unique after-dark experience is one of the most haunted houses on the East Coast. It’s a must for anyone fascinated by pirate tours, early American intrigue, and the paranormal. It’s one of the most unique tours that spoke to us about the local history of this place. 

#5 Haunted Williamsburg

When night falls on Colonial Williamsburg, restless spirits awake to roam the shadowy streets. On our haunted tour with Haunted Williamsburg, we kindled our lanterns and walked in their footsteps, ready for some chilling adventures.

As we passed by the historic taverns and chapels, we caught a glimpse of a ghostly figure in the corner of our eye! Listen closely and you can almost hear the echoes of muskets firing, soldiers marching, and ghosts moaning. 

Our guide captivated us with spooky stories of actual hauntings through the centuries. We met spectral colonists still lingering to share their tragic tales. By the flicker of candlelight, the secrets of the past come alive!

But don’t worry, these paranormal encounters are all good fun. The frightfully delightful colonial ghosts tour offered laughter, legends, and lessons for my kids and me. After this, you’ll never look at history the same way!

#6 Williamsburg Walking Ghost Tours

This was one of the most spine-tingling tours of Colonial Williamsburg’s ghostly tales! As we walked by lantern light with Williamsburg Walking Ghost Tours, we heard all about the chilling stories of this town’s troubled spirits. 

Established as Virginia’s capital in 1699, Williamsburg has centuries of paranormal activity to explore. We visited the haunted sites where I’ve personally sensed unrestful ghosts stirring up trouble! 

By the end, we saw this historic city in a whole new spooky light! It’s a frightfully good time for ghostly tale lovers of all ages! This ghost tour is one you won’t forget!

Experiencing Ghost Tours in Williamsburg VA

Williamsburg has some of the most haunted locations as they’ve had many spooky historic events, so you will here plenty of eerie stories from expert guides as you hear about the ghosts of Williamsburg. I definitely recommend you go see the darker side of Williamsburg if you are into ghosts and want to hear authentic stories.

There’s nothing quite like a stroll down these historic streets, walking past the colonial architecture, taking in American history and seeing what ghost hunters have found in this city.

Whether you’re looking for a group or private tour, this is a hotspot for ghost tours and you’ll walk away for a new appreciation of Williamsburg ghosts after your visit. 

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