33+ Gift Ideas for Busy Moms: From Practical to Fun

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms, moms with teens or those in between, these are some of the best gifts you can get for the busy moms you know. 

There is no one perfect gift, it’s really about thinking about the mom and what she would most appreciate. Would she prefer one of the practical gifts shared here or going out to do one of her favorite things? 

We’ve got the best gift ideas for a busy working mom, the stay-at-home mom and even the work-from-home moms as everyone’s busy is different!

These gifts are great for the holiday season, as Mother’s Day gifts or just because gifts (bonus points!). 

Instant pot

I love my Instant Pot! It’s fast, I just have to throw the ingredients in and my quick and easy “menu” has really expanded because of this bad boy. I held out for awhile as I didn’t want another gadget or tool but after saving time on cooking, I’ll never look back.

I love the one-pot meals and being able to make anything from rice to meat to yogurt and desserts.

Essential Oils or Essential Oil Diffuser

The Healthy Starter Kit from Doterra has all essential oils a busy mom would need to keep their home clean, keep their kids immune systems strong and be able to handle the majority of needs that come up. 

If you don’t want to get a whole kit, some lavender oil and a diffuser are a perfect way for a busy mama to relax and get a good night sleep!

Foot (& Leg) Massager

Ok…I know this boot looking leg massager looks a bit funny but I promise no busy mom will laugh once they tried it. It’s so much better than just a foot massager. It massages the feet and then up the calfs as well.

Robot Vacuum 

This voice controlled robot vacuum is a great gift idea as it takes one chore off the list and no more having to worry about the kids crumbs all over!

Shower Steamers 

While bath bombs are a popular gift, those just sit in the bathroom cabinet as us busy moms don’t have time for baths even though we know it’s good for our mental health. But…we do have time to take a shower which is why you should consider shower steamers to give her a much-needed relief.

These are the perfect way to add a little aromatherapy and relaxation into a quick 10-minute shower. They come in different scnets and it can last for days when not directly under the shower head. They smell so nice and really opens up the air ways so you feel refreshed.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

It’s easy for mom’s to not get enough water as we are carrying around the kid’s stuff. 

These awesome tumblers carry lots of water, have a helpful handle so it’s easy to carry and a nice straw so it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking out of a bottle. 

A water bottle is a great gift that gets used every single day!

Air Fryers

Air fryers are great for roasting, cooking or even reheating food. It is so versatile and easy to use. Just dump the food in and turn it on! 

Once a busy mom starts using it, it will become a regular tool in the kitchen as it makes meal time so easy.

Blue Light Glasses

If there is one thing a busy mom needs, it’s a good night of sleep! With sleep, everything is easier. At the same time, night time is often the best time for a busy mom to finish up work, pay the bills on the computer or just relax while watching a show. 

The problem is with screentime before bedtime is that the light interferes with good sleep. That’s why these blue light glasses help to protect your eyes and block blue rays. They also look realistic and come in a number of colors!

Digital Picture Frame 

For me personally at least, I always want to have pictures of the kids, the family and all the fun things we do up. But I never seem to find the time to go through the hundreds of pictures, get them printed and hang them up.

With a digital picture frame, I just have to connect the frame’s app and the photos will rotate. Perfect, easy and fun!

Cleaning Service

Cleaning is something that never ever seems to stop for any mom. Consider hiring someone to come in and deep clean for her so she can focus on herself, other family members or whatever else she’d like to do.

It may not seem like much but she’s guaranteed to really appreciate it. 

Lip Balm Set

I don’t know about you but I can’t live without my lip balm! This organic lip balm set has 6 flavors and is a great mosturizer. 

If you’re looking for a nice gift on a budget, this is a great option!

Tile Mate

I don’t know about you but when I’m running around all the time and constantly tracking all the kids things, I seem to always lose something. Whether it’s my kids or purse. 

This Tile Mate will track your phone, keys or anything else within 250 feet. Such a time saver!

Mobile Phones

As a mom, I can’t live without my phone. I need it to take cute pictures of my kids, coordinate their activities through text and email, find directions to wherever I’m going (because I’m seriously directionally impaired!) and just about everything else.

Busy mom’s need a phone without a cracked screen, blurry camera or full storage. That doesn’t mean you always have to go for the latest and greatest. I always buy a few versions back and even sometimes buy a refurbished phone which can save thousands.

If you’re looking for a popular brand, take this iPhone 11 with 64 gigs of storage that’s completely renewed and unlocked so it’s ready for any carrier.

A New Coffee Mug

Maybe even one that will make her laugh or at least smile everyday so she knows she’s got this!

Morning Coffee

What’s her favorite coffee shop? Or even what’s the closest coffee shop to her? Grab a gift card so she can easily pick up 

Gift Cards

What’s moms favorite place to shop? Perhaps a place she loves but wouldn’t spend the money on herself? 

That’s a great place to get her a gift card from.

Smart Watch 

Being a busy mom and staying fit can be quite the challenge. With a smart fitness watch, she can track her steps and many other important metrics. She’ll likely be surprised how good she’s doing without realizing it and it will help her strive for more.

I like mine because it helps me think about how to get more steps in or what else I can do during my regular routine. 

Audiobook Subscription 

I love to read but it’s darn near impossible to find the time. I can, however, listen to an audiobook pretty regularly. While I’m driving, out for a walk, exercising, at the grocery store…you get the idea.

Everand offers an unlimited number of ebooks and audiobooks which makes it a great alternative to audible.

Diffuser Necklace

This stainless steel diffuser necklace is beautiful and has such a nice reminder message on the back. 

Plus, she can add the lavender essential oil, or another of her favorites, from the gift at the top of this list, giving her a calm, relaxed feeling throughout the day!

One Step Hairdryer

Busy moms don’t have to look like they’re too busy! This all-in-one hair dryer is the answer! It brushes, dries, straightens and styles.

Portable Charger

This small battery pack charger is only the size of a lip balm. This is perfect for when she’s out running the kids around and needs a quick, full power boost for her phone.

Meal Delivery

Need I say more? Find a local meal delivery and send her food for the day, a few days or even the week. What a relief that would be!

In-Home Childcare

If you can’t watch the kids, you can also offer to pay for someone else to come in and watch the kids. 

It’s expensive these days for moms to be able to pay for a babysitter, an activity and a meal when going out so they often don’t. When you can take care of one of these options, she’ll feel better about going out. 

Fresh Flowers 

Did you know you could send fresh flowers directly from Amazon?  It’s so nice not having to go to a florist or spend lots of money for some nice, fresh flowers.

Offer to Babysit

If you really want to help mom, offer to babysit while she takes a nap, gets stuff around the house or better yet, goes out to do something she wants to do without having to worry about the kids.

High Quality Bed Sheets 

These luxury hotel sheets are just what a busy mom needs to feel relaxed as soon as she slips into bed. This gives her a space where she can have a few moments of alone time and a great night of sleep to handle all the things that will be thrown at her the next day.

These are nice and cool and are so comfortable!

Coffee & Tea for Moms

Coffee or tea is a great way for a busy mom to start a new day. Throw in a positive or inspirational quote and you’ve got a great start on the morning. 

This particular tea sampler has 6 different flavors of tea that have inspirational quotes specifically for moms.

Pizza Gift Card

Sometimes it’s just to much to have to cook dinner. There’s only so much time during the day. A pizza gift card gives her a guilt-free option for dinner when she’s just too tired and wants to relax.


While she may not get much of a chance to sit down during the day, AirPods are a great way for her to listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook while getting things done. 

It’s a nice way to feel like she has a few minutes to herself even when she can’t really step away.

Nice Pen & Stationery Bundle

This is such a pretty notebook bundle that comes with a gold pen so she has a nice place to write her notes and to-dos!

Grocery Shop for Her 

Woo…this is a good one! Offer to go do the grocery shopping for her. Make the meal plan for the week and go to the store. Or if you can’t do it, pay for service so it still gets done. This takes something huge off her plate for the week!


When she looks great, she feels great. And sometimes all it takes is a nice, new pair of earrings.

Personalized Birthstone Necklace

This rose-plated, birthstone necklace is gorgeous and they’ll even customize the name on it! It also comes nicely packaged so it’s easy to give as a gift as is.


A busy mom is constantly organizing the schedule and trying to squeeze everything in. If at least she had a nice planner to keep it all in, she’d feel a little better. 

This planner has plenty of space for her to organize her days and even look at different “life buckets” she needs to do things for. Throw in some stickers and some gratitude reminders, and it’s all a bit more fun.

These practical busy mom gifts are perfect for the working mother or mom friend on one of many special occasions every busy mom should get to 

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