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I’m always on the hunt for activities both my children and I can enjoy equally, so I was happy to discover a new bowling alley that is not only kid-friendly but has plenty for adults as well.  Bowlmor in Bethesda is reminiscent of an old-time bowling alley.  While there are 21+ only nights on Fridays and Saturdays after 9:00 p.m., the rest of the time Bowlmor has plenty of offer families.

Bowlmor BethesdaTo start, my kids were wowed by the multi-colored glow-in-the-dark bowling pins.  Not only did this make bowling a little more fun for them, but by telling my kids to aim for the green pin or the pink one it was a little easier to explain how to the play the game to them.  Bowlmor also has bumpers that automatically engage for kids, which in my opinion is a must-have for enjoying bowling as a family.  There are also plenty of ramps available for kids to use to roll their balls.

My kids were also delighted by the little cartoons that played on the score screens whenever someone bowled a spare, strike, knocked down 9 pins, or got a lucky split.  It was also easy for my kids to see when it was their turn to bowl since their name turned bright pink when they were up.

Bowlmor has a surprisingly large menu with lots of kid-and-adult friendly food as well.  We got a pizza that was more than big enough to feed four hungry bowlers and the very popular pretzel bites with dip.  There is also a nice selection of sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers for munching.  For parents who need a little fortification, there is also full bar that opens at noon.

Bowlmor BethesdaBowlmor also has a small arcade and in the next few months there are plans to expand the arcade and add laser tag.  During our Sunday morning visit there were several kids’ birthday parties taking place and my son asked if he could have his party there too. 

Pricing for bowling varies based upon day of the week and time of day.  Most weekdays a game is approximately $7.00 per person and shoe rental is approximately $5.50 per person.  On Fridays bowling is about $4.50 per game per person until 4:00 p.m.  Bowlmor also runs frequent specials so be sure to check their site when planning a trip.  If you love bowling, Bowlmor is currently participating in a great Summer Games promotion where you can purchase a pass good for up to three games a day, including shoe rental, for $24.95 for kids and $29.95 for kids.  The pass is good through September 18th.  

Bowling is a great activity when it’s too hot (or too cold) to play outside and we plan on returning soon.

Bowlmor Bethesda  Bowlmor Bethesda

Photos by Jamie Davis Smith.

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