11 Haunted Houses in Uniontown PA (& Nearby) – 2023

If you’re looking for the best haunted houses in Uniontown, PA (and close by), you’ve landed in the right place. 

Visiting one (or multiple!) haunted houses is an integral part of many people’s halloween season (beyond just the pumpkin patches of course) and here we’re diving into the scariest haunted houses and scary upcoming events.

So if you’re looking for that ultimate scare factor and are ready for a full night of fear, here you’ll find the ultimate haunted attraction guide.

Let’s dive right in to the top haunted houses in (and near) Uniontown, PA for some good ol’ country fun!

#1 Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road, Uniontown, PA

The Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park has become a halloween tradition for my husband and I. It’s an annual date night we always have and it’s definitely the best place to go to experience a haunted house in Uniontown!

This is also one of the most popular halloween attractions you’ll come across. 

Featured on The Travel Channel, The HHE Scream Park is owned by the Maccabre family.

This is really the ultimate haunted attraction with impressive animatronics, new high-tech attraction, the best actors, live entertainment and a concession stand. 

Their attractions include:

  • Haunted Houses at the Hill Family Mansion with very detailed sets
  • Twisted Nightmare 3D – where you’ll start in the deserted corn field and be lead to a dark haunted house. 
  • Terrifying trails 
  • The Dark Haunted House – House of Love
  • Sin Creek

They also have brand-new midway attractions including axe throwing, photo ops, food trucks, a gift shop and other halloween-themed midway games.

So if you need some time off from the special effects and terrifying actors, this is a great place to go!

So plan your ultimate horror date – two nights each week as the estate is open Saturdays and Sundays only beginning Spetember 8th and going through October 28th.

Keep an eye out for the headless horseman roaming around! 

Local tip: in February, keep an eye out for HHE’s Valentine’s Fear Fest

Note: Haunted Hills Estate has separate holiday-themed events for you. Their haunted house of course, as well as there Christmas After Dark event. 

Source: Allen’s Hayride

#2 Allen’s Haunted Hayride and Tavern of Terror

Location: Smock, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 15 minutes

Allen’s Haunted Hayride and Tavern of Terror has 2 main attractions that won’t surprise you (hint…it’s in the name!)…

A haunted hayride (in fact, it’s the longest running hayride) and a tavern of terror.

But this just any haunted hayride…this is the oldest haunted hayride in the country and it takes you on a 1-mile tour through the haunted forest, barn and fields. 

The hayride here is considered family-friendly and you’ll see more than 30 spooks and monsters along the way.

Get ready to be terrified at the Tavern of Terror as you go through the 3,500 square food haunted walk with all types of horror.

While the festivities kick off on September 23, 2023, they will be hosting a sensory-friendly event on September 22nd.

What’s really fun is that they also have fire pits and you can reserve one for your party.

They are open Friday and Saturday.

#3 Fright Farm

Location: Smithfield, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 15 minutes 

Beware sinister spirits and creatures lurking below as you explore the bone-chilling attractions at Fright Farm! For 30 years, they’ve scared Pennsylvania with detailed sets, digital soundtracks, and talented actors.

Before entering the terrifying Hayride, gather by the bonfires on the Fest-Evil Midway.

Then steel your nerves to face the horrors within the eerie mansion, brutal slaughterhouse, chaotic clinic, and murky abyss. Custom effects and deranged characters ensure you’ll scream in terror!

Source: Fright Farm

But fear not, it’s all spooky fun amongst friends at one of PA’s top haunted spots. Fright Farm’s transformations, deranged characters, and immersive sets have made them a Halloween tradition for a reason.

Feel your heart race surrounded by terrifying scenes that seem almost too real!

If you dare, face your fears amidst the sinister scares. But once inside, don’t be surprised if you find yourself running for your life! Fright Farm’s chilling attractions will jolt you awake as Halloween comes alive.

#4 Crawford School of Terror

Location: Connellsville, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 20 minutes

The historic Crawford school building is now Connellsville’s premier entertainment destination. Originally built in 1916, the renovated school is home to axe-throwing lanes, an escape room, a haunted attraction, and a coffee shop. 

Crawford School of Terror provides visitors with a thrilling haunted experience of a life time!

Live actors and immersive sets place guests right in the center of their own horror movie scenario to come to life within the eerie old school.

For those seeking a different thrill, Escape Crawford – The Basement offers an exciting escape room challenge.

Participants hear a twisted tale about the Crawford school and soon find themselves locked in the basement. Using wits and teamwork, they must escape in under 60 minutes.

Between axe throwing, interactive horror, and a pulse-pounding escape room, the century-old Crawford school is now Connellsville’s hotspot for entertainment and adventure. The renovated school building offers fun for all ages at this unique local attraction.

Source: Castle Blood

#5 Castle Blood Haunted House

Location: Monessen, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 35 minutes

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind gothic Halloween tour at Castle Blood, Pittsburgh’s unique haunted house. Housed in a historic funeral home, Castle Blood has thrilled crowds for 25 years with their famous Haunted Adventure Tour.

Guests embark on an ever-changing interactive game as they’re guided through the mansion’s eerie rooms and encounters. With different storylines and characters each visit, it’s like playing Clue inside the Addams Family’s home!

Source: Castle Blood

A creepy but humorous cast including vampires, monsters, and witches tries to help you complete your quests. Though things often go awry amidst the spooky ambiance.

This theatrical haunted attraction offers a gothic Halloween tour of their home brought to life each Halloween. So prepare for a ghoulishly good time exploring Castle Blood’s macabre realm on their one-of-a-kind gothic haunt tour!  

Source: Demon House Haunted Attraction LLC.

#6 Demon House 

Location: Monongahela, PA 
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 35 minutes

True demonic hauntings are rare, but this notorious Pittsburgh home has a chilling history of hosting sinister forces.

Beyond just ghosts, the so-called Demon House was the site of an actual possession. They claim to be the haunted experience of a lifetime.

Even without demons, the creepy happenings here are not for the faint of heart. The disturbing account was recorded in detail by the former owner during their time in this nightmare rental.

Source: Demon House Haunted Attraction LLC.

Of all the haunted houses in Pennsylvania, this Brownsville Road home contains some of the most terrifying tales ever documented. Stories involve curses, a murdered child, and a shadowy entity stalking the halls.

The Demon House still stands today, but its storied past lingers like a dark cloud.

For a truly blood-curdling haunted tale, this Pittsburgh home hosted something beyond just ghosts – a malevolent presence that left a permanent mark on all who encountered it.

Source: Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House

#7 Hundred Acres Manor

Location: Bethel Park, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: Less than 60 minutes

Hundred Acres Manor is just outside Pittsburgh in the South Hills. This chilling haunted attraction opened in 2003 in a former community pool and hall location, building on the site’s legacy from its earlier Phantoms in the Park haunt.

Today, Hundred Acres Manor scares up fun each Halloween while also giving back. As a charity haunt, all profits go to animal welfare through Animal Friends and to help homeless children’s education. 

Source: Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House

So when you’re seeking Halloween thrills and chills in the Pittsburgh area, Hundred Acres Manor delivers frightening fun for a cause.

Just a short trip from the city, this haunt combines creepy sets and Startling scares all in service of supporting great local organizations.

For a spooky way to help animals and children in need, face your fears at Hundred Acres Manor. It’s the charitable haunt giving visitors a fright for all the right reasons. 

#8 Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror

Location: Greensburg, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: Less than 60 minutes 

Looking for some Halloween fun that’s just the right amount of spooky? Lonesome Valley Farms offers thrills for everyone with their “Get Lost Corn Maze” and “Valley of Terror” haunted attractions. 

Families with kids can explore the twists and turns of the maze by day, while the Valley of Terror is reserved for brave adults at night.

Their immersive sets and creepy characters are sure to get your heart racing! Just be prepared for “things that go bump in the night” in the supposedly non-haunted maze after dark. 

Lonesome Valley Farms dares you to face your fears this Halloween season with their terrifying attractions – enter if you dare! Just don’t get too lost in their ‘Get Lost Corn Maze’.

#9 Phantom Fall Fest at Kennywood

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 
Distance from Uniontown, PA:  

The phantom fall fest is situated about an hour North of Uniontown in the outskirts of Pittsburgh (West Mifflin).

Kennywood has you covered with fun for all ages. Earlier in the day, their Phantom Fall Fest provides autumnal activities, festive eats, and your favorite rides bathed in spooky décor. 

As darkness falls, the park transforms into a terrifying nightmare not for the faint of heart! Brave the dark side with their bone-chilling haunted houses and ominous scare zones…if you dare!

Kennywood lets you celebrate the season at your own thrill level from not-too-scary to terrifying.

Source: Zombies Of The Corn

#10 Zombies of the Corn Haunted Attraction

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 1 hour

If you want to see a zombie apocalypse, this haunted attraction in Pittsburgh is the place to go. A quarantined horde grows stronger by the minute, ready to escape and feast. Now is the time to act before these undead monsters breach containment. 

Climb aboard the Zombie Killer vehicle and grab your sanitizing paintball weapons. With 24 fighters per ride, you’ll mow down the rotting masses with specialized pathogens to decay these brain-hungry creatures.

Source: Zombies Of The Corn

Shoot fast, shoot straight, and eliminate the threat before humanity falls! It’s an all-ages call to action for zombie enthusiasts. 

Can you help stop doomsday and have fun saving the city? Then hop on the next Zombie Killer transport leaving every 20 minutes. With humanity’s future at stake, there’s no time to lose!

Source: Field of Screams

#11 Field of Screams

Location: Mountville, PA
Distance from Uniontown, PA: 3.5 hours

Whether you’re looking for different types of halloween events or just want to spend the entire night enjoying being scared in the den of darkness, these haunted houses are the place to go!

Source: Field of Screams

Last year we had a blast exploring more haunted houses and plan on returning to our favorites again this year.

Are you willing to step foot into one of these haunted houses? Will you be one of the unsuspecting guests as you make it through these different attractions of this frightmare asylum?

Visiting Haunted Houses in (& Near) Uniontown PA

Whether you’re looking for different types of halloween events or just want to spend the entire night enjoying being scare, these haunted houses are the place to go!

Last year we had a blast exploring more haunted houses and plan on returning to our favorites again this year.

Are you willing to step foot into one of these haunted houses? Will you be one of the unsuspecting guests as you make it through these different attractions?

One Hour Plus From Uniontown PA

If you’re considering venturing outside of Uniontown, here are some other haunted houses an hour or more away:

  • Just an hour from Uniontown is Haunted Hollow, western pennsylvania’s premier haunted attraction.
  • Scary Harrys is 75 minutes away in Homer City, PA
  • Get Lost Corn Maze is 
  • Jason’s Woods in Lancaster
  • Pennhurst Asylum (and hour east of Lancaster), which was featured on the Ghost Hunters show

Good to Know Before You Go

  • Check the attraction’s website before heading out in the event of bad weather for last minute updates or changes
  • Check the haunted house’s website and social media to look for scary good savings that may save you a few bucks off general admission
  • Not all haunted houses are family friendly or are meant for young kids. Look for any age restrictions before going and 
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