53+ Camping Gifts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

If you have littler campers, young kids or older children you want to spend more time camping with in the great outdoors, you’ll find just the right gift on this list of camping gifts for kids.

These camping gifts will help you find the perfect camping gift for your outdoorsy kids.

The best part is many of these kid’s camping gifts can be used by the entire family and some are even essential gear you’d need anyway.

That’s why whenever there is a birthday or holiday, I’m always thinking about what camping gifts for kids are out there that I haven’t thought of. 

You know how when a toy gets hidden for awhile and it’s rediscovered? 

It’s like this every time we go camping! It’s fun for the kids to have their own little camping stash they can call their own. 

So if you’re like me and always on the lookout for new camping gift ideas for kids to take along on your next camping trip, I’m going to help you out right here! 

Camping Gifts for Kids Gift Guide

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#1 Camping Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is, of course, a piece of essential camping gear but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! My kids love their sleeping bags and we’ve changed themes a couple of times.

When they were young, they loved this kids glow-in-the-dark mummy sleeping bag. There’s so many different options for camping sleeping bags, it’s easy to find something your child will like. 

#2 Walkie Talkies

I picked these walkie talkies up for my kids. There’s 4 which is great for when they find other kids or we go with friends. Kids of all ages, yep, even those teens are happy using these.

Plus they are long range so I don’t have to worry about the signal cutting out when we’re in the woods.

#3 Outdoor Explorer Kit

The whole point of camping is to spend time outdoors. It’s amazing how the kids will explore for hours, especially if they have an outdoor exploration kit so they can pick-up what they find, observe bugs and more.

#4 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It’s practical and they can use it when not camping. Win-win! This is a fun camping themed water bottle.

#5 Outdoor Games

There are tons of outdoor games both kids and adults can enjoy that are a great way to bring everyone together while camping.

Some good options are:

  1. Camping outdoors memory matching game
  2. Outdoor themed board games (like this one)
  3. And a fun game that is portable (like this one) is always good!

#6 Fun Camping Toys

Kids enjoy fun camping toys they can bring with them or even ones they can play at home when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Some fun ones are:

#7 Essential Camping Gear

Maybe I’m just cheap, but I love giving the kids some of their gifts that they need anyway. So think about what they would need for your next camping trip and instead of buying it later, gift some of it to them. This could be gear like:

Plus, having their own camping gear makes them feel very grown up!

#8 Flashlight

Flashlights are practical and they also makes for a great stocking stuffer if you’re buying for Christmas. 

#9 Card Game

My favorite thing about card games is they are fun for the whole family. And that’s the purpose of taking our family camping trips! Even our older kids join in.

Plus, they’re small and easy to pack.

#10 Camping Scavenger Hunt

This is perfect for the younger kids to explore the great outdoors.This scavenger hunt card game is fun and inexpensive.

#11 Survival Skills Gear

My oldest loves just about anything that has to do with survival kids. Last year I got him this survival skills book for kids, along with this survival kit and he was thrilled. 

When we were at our camp site, he was so happy practicing tying knots and more he was learning from the books.

#12 Portable Campfire

I don’t think there are any kids who don’t love a campfire. These portable campfires are really fun and my kids use theirs when they setup their camping tent in the backyard too.

#14 Camping Hammock

I don’t know about you, but this is what I like do while camping. Problem is, the kids always jump in my hammock so I had to get them their own hammock!

#15 The Next Camping Trip

Don’t forget the camping experience itself can be the gift. Surprise the kids with your plans for the next upcoming family camping trip.

#16 LED Lantern

These lanterns are fun for the kids to stay up reading and playing games in their tent when it gets dark.

#17 Would You Rather Campfire

These activities are really fun…

The Would You Rather Campfire Edition and Camping Activity Book or Try Not to Laugh Camping Edition.

#18 Tent Camp Lights

Tent camp lights are extra fun for keeps and useful too!

#19 Folding Camp Chair

A folding camp chair is easy and fun. My kids just used to run around and explore but now they like hanging out with the adults too.

#20 Fireside Story Dice

These fireside story dice are a cute way to get the stories going while camping. Even my older kids took to these.

#21 Binoculars

Kids seem to look at so much with binoculars. These binoculars are a good quality without being expensive.

#22 Compass

I’m directionally impaired so my kids thought it was funny when I got them each a compass, along with the book How to Go Anywhere and Not Get Lost.

#23 Backpack 

Like this one that’s foldable and packable.

#24 Magnifying glass 

A magnifying glass can work for kids of any ages but the younger ones in particular seem to find just about anything they can use their magnifying glass for.

#25 Waterproof Camera

Kids love being able to take their own pictures (especially when they don’t have their own phones). I prefer the waterproof cameras so I don’t have to worry about them around water with the cameras.

Mine discovered he liked trying to take pictures of the little fish in the lake we like to camp by.

#26 Insect Repellent Bracelets

My son is the one who always seems to attract bugs so he’s always the first to get bit. And of course he swells up more than the rest of us. So I picked up these insect repellent bracelets so he doesn’t get bit and has more fun.

If your child won’t wear a bracelet, they have these patches too.

#27 Camping-Themed Craft Paper Kits

For my arts and crafts kids, these craft paper kids are great for them putting together pictures from the last camping trip and even little things they’ve brought home.

#28 Rock Painting Kit

My little geologist is always trying to bring rocks home. This rock painting kit is fun for her. She sometimes paints rocks and then hides them around the camp site for others to find.

#29 S’Mores Kit

Camping. S’Mores Kit. Need I say more?

This glow-in-the-dark marshmallow stick is also really fun. I have to say, this is one of my kids absolute favorite (and more unique) camping gifts he’s received. 

#30 Water Shoes

We have a couple of lakes we like to camp near and having water shoes for the kids lets them explore in the shallow water or in the streams on the trails without having to worry about what they might step on.

#31 Bug Nets

We use the bug nets to well, catch bugs of course. While not the main purpose, my kids have been known to dip these into streams to catch small fish they’ve seen.

#32 Fishing Gear

There’s always some new, fun fishing gear kids will love like:

#33 Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee or Disc

I’m always happy to get a fun gift for the kids that I know we’ll all be able to play and have fun with. This glow-in-the-dark frisbee is fun for the kids and adults.

🎁FUN FOR CAMPING GIFTS: Look at this camping-themed wrapping paper

#34 Foldable Pocket Knife for Kids

Well, at least the older kids! My son begged me for a pocket knife for years and we finally decided to get him one.

#35 Sun Hat

My kids will burn, even under the trees, so I got them these sun hats so I don’t have to worry about as much sunscreen and how long they spend in the sun.

#36 Camping Knot Tying Kit

Something as simple as a rope can keep the kids entertained for hours while camping. Plus, it can teach them a valuable skill they can put to use.

This quick guide and ropes is all they need.

#37 Mini First Aid Kit for Kids

It’s practical and just watch how the kids run to help when they seem someone who needs something from the kit.

#38 Camping Cookware Set for Kids

This adorable camping cookware set for kids is perfect for their pretend play at home. It’s so cute watching them imitate the adults cooking at camp.

It comes with a bag and folds up small so they can even set it up at camp too.

#39 Kids Hiking Boots

There are so many fun hiking boots for kids that are great for camping, hiking and just sending them out to play.

#40 Kids Outdoor Journal

An outdoor, camping-themed journal makes for a great camping gift. It gives the kids a place to draw and write about their experiences.

It’s fun to look back years later at what they did and you’ll appreciate this perfect gift years from now.

#41 Wildlife Identification Book for Kids

I LOVE this wildlife identification book for my kids. They love seeing how many they can spot and they keep track so they know what they’ve seen before.

#42 Plant Identification Book

A plant identification book is just like the wildlife book. They can track which plants they’ve seen. They have foraging guides too which are so much fun for identifying edible plants.

#43 Camping Sticker Set

These camping stickers are so cute.

#44 Waterproof Playing Cards

Like these. Or have you seen these UNO Splash cards?

#45 Camping Puzzles for Kids

Camping puzzles can be done while camping or at home.

#46 Cosmic Fire Color Packets

If you’ve never tried these cosmic fire packets, do it! These turn your campfire different colors and the kids just LOVE it!

#47 Kids’ Rain Poncho

Yes, these rain ponchos for kids are perfect for letting them run around on those rainy days when camping. Mine use theirs at home too!

#48 Camping Coloring Book

Great for the road trip to your next camping site. This one has fun and interesting pictures.

#49 Glow-in-the-Dark Tent Stakes

The kids will love these glow-in-the-dark tent stakes because what isn’t fun that glows in the dark?

#50 Kids’ Campfire Cooking Cookbook

I was actually surprised at how many cute camping cookbooks their are for kids. Here are some popular ones:

#51 Inflatable Couch

These inflatable couches are so cool! The kids love these especially when they can hang out with the other kids.

The best part is more than one kid can fit in so this could be a joint or family gift too.

#52 Insect Identification & Tracking Guide

Got a kid who loves bugs? This identification & tracking guide is perfect for them to figure out what they’re looking at and tracking justP how many insects they can find.

#53 Camping T-shirt or Pajama Set

These cute camping themed pajama sets can be used while camping or at home. The more uses the better!

#54 National Parks Passport

This is a fun way for them to collect passport stamps and track where we’ve been.

My older kids really loved the National Parks book.

There is also a Junior Ranger book for the little kids where they can keep track of the parks they went to, which ones there are a Junior Ranger at and collect stamps at each park.

Picking Kid Camping Gifts

These fun camping gift ideas will give you kids the ultimate camping experience and you’ll be the cool parent with these cool camping gifts.

Whether you are looking for camping birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or just want to encourage imaginative play, you’ll definitely find something for your little explorers on this list of the best camping gift ideas.

I think our best family memories are each family camping trip we’ve been fortunate enough to go on. 

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