How Much Does Chuck E Cheese Cost (+ 9 Ways to Save) 2023

While the kids love Chuck E Cheese, parents are of course, watching how much it costs.

So if you’re one of those parents like me wondering how much does Chuck E Cheese cost, I’m going to give you all the prices.

But since the kids won’t care about price, all they know is they just want to go…I’m also going to give you several ways to save.

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A Few Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important to keep in mind a few things..

First, where you are located is going to make a difference. Higher cost areas are going to see higher prices than lower cost areas, just as with anything else.

What you order is going to make a difference, which is why we’ll look at the Chuck E Cheese pricing packages and combos so you can save the most.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese offers a number of ways to both eat and play so it’s helpful to know the options so you can pick which one will allow you to have the most fun and save the most money.

Chuck E Cheese Token Prices


30 Minutes or points$10 per card
45 Minutes or points$15 per card
60 Minutes or points$20 per card
90 Minutes or points$25 per card
120 Minutes or points$30 per card

Unlimited Games

Unlimited games (all you can play)$12 – $15 per hour

Chuck E Cheese locations are starting to roll out an unlimited game play option where you can now pay by the hour so your kids can play as many games as they want during that time.

This can often work out to being cheaper than paying for tokens.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

How to Play

Chuck E. Cheese has 2 ways to play. Keep in mind, they don’t sell tokens anymore. Rather they use a play pass card.

Play Pass Card

The Play Pass card has now replaced tokens and it will cost you $1 to purchase a card. Included in that purchase is 3 play points or 3 play minutes depending on which you select.

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You can also purchse the play pass with or without a coil wristband. I do recommend you put a band on the card to go around your child’s wrist so they don’t set it down to play and lose it.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

You can also use another band or a hair tie that you bring from home if you don’t want to pay the extra $2 per card for the wristband.

Rechargeable Play Ban

The rechardable play band goes on more like a watch and costs $5 per band. Kids can simply wave their band at each game to play instead of swiping the card.

Chuck E Cheese Menu Prices

Pizza & Salad

Large pizza (12 slices)$18.49
X-Large pizza$21.49
Medium pizza (10 slices)$15.49
Personal pizza (6 slices)$9.49
Stuffed crustadd $3.09
Additional toppings$1.99 – $2.49 / each
Supreme, five meat or vegie+$4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (by size)

Salad & Appetizers

Salad Bar (with over 20 items)$10.99
Sampler (appetizer)$16.99
Boneless wings (regular)$15.99
Boneless wings (medium)$23.99
Boneless wings (large)$32.99
Cheesy bread$7.19
French fries$3.49

Sweets & Desserts

Giant warm cookie$6.99
Dippin’ dots$6 – $7
Shark cupcake$5.49
Cotton candy$4 / $7
Unicorn churros$4.99


Soft drinks$2.99
Water / Juice / Milk$2.49
Beer (available at some locations)$6.49
Wine (available at some locations)$6.49

Chuck E Cheese Food Combo Prices

Combo 1$29.791-large, 1-topping pizza & 4 soft drinks
Combo 2$30.591-large, 1-topping pizza, cheesy bread & 2 soft drinks
Combo 3$35.591-large, 1-topping pizza, regular boneless wings & 2 soft drinks
Combo 4$40.991-large, 1-topping pizza, 1 appetizer sampler & 4 soft drinks
Combo 5$54.892-large, 1-topping pizzas, a giant warm cookie & 6 soft drinks

9 Ways to Save Money at Chuck E Cheese

To soften the blow to the budget

Go During the Week

If you want to eat there, go during the weekdays when possible and eat at the buffet. Kids under 3 also eat free.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Join the Chuck E. Cheese Rewards Program

To do this, you’ll want to download their app. They give you a free personal size pizza when you sign up and you can earn more rewards. They will send something for your kids birthday. You can $10 off your next purchase after visiting 3 times and spending at least $20.

The Little Kid Savings Trick

So many this is sneaky but hey, it works! Especially with your younger kids, show them the areas that don’t require tokens so they can enjoy those before using tokens.

These are areas like the dance floor with Chuckie, the ball pit and play structure.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Eat Elsewhere

Go after you eat so you can skip the food or plan on eating at home or elsewhere afterwards.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Did you know? You can also buy discount gift cards here for Chuck E Cheese (and many other places) and save up to 25% off. They send you the digital gift card and you can use it to pay online or in-store.

Use These Coupons

Visit this page on the Chuck E. Cheese website to see what current coupons or deals they have available.

Go on Wednesdays

Many Chuck E Cheese locations have deals on Wednesdays like all you can play Wednesdays. Check with your local Chuck E Cheese.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Let Kids Earn Free Rewards

Chuck E Cheese has a lot of different rewards kids can earn. Some activities they can participate in are:

  • Reading rewards
  • Super student award
  • Half birthday
  • Clean room
  • Terrific teeth

Most rewards earn 10 points.

Source: Chuck E Cheese

Check Social Media

Don’t forget to monitor the Chuck E. Cheese social media pages for codes, coupons or phrases that will save you money or give you something extra (like free tickets).

Buy Play Pass Points in Bulk

This makes sense if you plan on going several times during the year. It will cost you more upfront but can save you in the long run.

Your Next Chuck E. Cheese Visit

Keep in mind not all locations offer all of these options. Check your local Chuck E. Cheese to be sure.

So hopefully by now you no longer have to wonder how much does chuck e cheese cost. You should have a much better idea about pricing for food, tokens and packages so you can get the best bang for your buck!

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