21 Sunflower Fields, Festivals & Mazes in Maryland (2023 Season)

Sunflower fields in Maryland are a must-see for nature lovers, photographers, kids and families alike.

The fields are typically in bloom from mid-July to mid-August. A few are even open well in to September as well.

During this time, the fields are open to the public for viewing, photography and even for getting to pick your own sunflowers!

Visitors can also purchase sunflowers to take home with them.

Kids also really love seeing these tall and huge flowers. Plus, a couple of the these sunflowers fields in Maryland also have a sunflower maze which is so much fun!

Here we’ll be sharing some all of the sunflower fields in Maryland, including the most popular and the newer fields as well.

And if you’re wondering where to pick your own sunflowers in Maryland, you’ll find that here too!

21 Sunflower Fields in Maryland

#1 McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area

18600 River Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837 | Website

McKee-Beshers is a 2,000-acre property managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The main attraction at McKee-Beshers is definitely the large number of sunflowers that are planted and grown each year.

A butterfly is sitting on top of a sunflower in sunflower fields.
Source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The sunflowers are planted in May and they typically bloom in mid-July. The fields are open to the public and offer a great place to view wildlife, especially birds.

While no sunflowers can be picked here, the huge field full of towering sunflowers is quite a sight to see!

#2 Burnside Farms Summer of Sunflowers

11008 Kettle Run Rd, Nokesville, VA 20181 | Full Details

Burnside Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Nokesville, Virginia.

They grow a variety of crops, but are best known for their beautiful sunflowers.

Every year, they open their fields to the public so you can come and pick your own sunflowers.

field of sunflowers
Source: Burnside Farms

The farm also has a sunflower maze, which is a popular attraction for both kids and adults.

Burnside Farms is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun and unique experience.

You can also pick your own tulips here during their festival of spring.

#3 Misty Meadows Creamery

14325 Misty Meadow Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783 | Full Details

Misty Meadows Creamery is a small family-owned creamery that harvests their own sunflowers.

This is used to make oil and of course, as decorations around the farm.

If you think a day filled with sunflowers sounds amazing, add some homemade, farm fresh ice cream to that!

Along the Maryland Ice Cream Trail, Misty Meadows also offers tours, has a wonderful fresh produce and country store and of course, has an absolutely beautiful backdrop for their large farm of sunflowers.

#4 Butler’s Orchard Sunflower Spectacular

22222 Davis Mill Rd, Germantown, MD 20876 | Website

If you’re looking for a place to see some beautiful sunflowers, head to Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, Maryland.

The sunflowers are in bloom from late July to early August, and the field is open to the public.

Source: Butler’s Orchard

There is an admission fee to enter the spectacular, however, this includes their 2 football fields worth of sunflowers to view and their farm park with giant slides, animals, pedal tractors, playground and more.

They also have fruit fields you can pick fruits and flowers from.

In April you can also visit the farm for their Bunnyland event and pick-your-own fruits and veggies at other times during the year as well.

A field of sunflowers at Millers Farm in Maryland during sunset.
Source: Millers Farm

#5 The Millers Farm

10140 Piscataway Rd, Clinton, MD 20735 | Website

The large sunflower field is created with a path through it for everyone to explore. On certain weekends they also have vendors, food trucks, live music and yard games.

A monarch butterfly perches on a sunflower in Maryland's sunflower fields.
Source: Millers Farm

There is a $5 fee per person (children under 5 are free) and there is no advance payment.

The sunflowers bloom in September here.

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Millers Farm is also one of our favorite places to pick strawberries in the spring but they also have some amazing sunflowers in the summer.

Source: Gold Pedal Farms, a Maryland sunflower field.
Source: Gold Pedal Farms

#6 Gold Petal Farms

37254 Manor Rd, Chaptico, MD 20621 | Website

Gold Petal Farms has one of the best sunflower mazes in Southern Maryland.

They are also home to some of the most beautiful sunflowers in the state.

A sunflower is in the middle of a field at Gold Pedal Farms in Maryland.
Source: Gold Pedal Farms

They not only have a pick-your-own flowers but they also have other fun activities like free pain stations, corn hole, and more. The season typically runs from mid-June to mid-August.

This is also a great place for a picnic!

#7 Rock Point Creamery

4323 Tuscarora Rd, Tuscarora, MD 21790 | Website

Rock Point Creamery is one of the creameries on the Maryland Ice Cream Trail.

They have 1.5 acres of sunflowers planted each year which are available for sale in July and August. What’s different about this Maryland sunflower field is that 100% of the proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Rock Point Creamery

As the name suggests, they have more than just sunflower fields. You can’t leave without some of their delicious ice cream!

Plus they have a re-purposed farm equipment playground with several slides and they also have goat yoga too.

A sunflower field in Maryland.
Source: Maryland Agricultural Resource Council

#8 Maryland Agricultural Resource Council Seasonal Sunflower Maze & Cut-Flower Garden

1114 Shawan Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030 | Website

The Maryland Agricultural Resource Council is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the agricultural industry in the state of Maryland.

Sunflowers typically bloom from mid to late August through September and they have sunflower mazes to explore.

On top of that, you can also explore trails, demostration gardens, animals and more.

#9 The Sunflower Garden

2390 Manchester Rd, Westminster, MD 21157 | Website

The Sunflower Garden in Maryland is a hidden gem that is definitely worth a visit.

The garden is beautiful and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing day trip.

A picturesque field of sunflowers in Maryland with trees in the background.
Source: Clarks Elioak Farm

#10 Clark’s Elioak Farm Sunflower Showcase

10500 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042 | Website

The Sunflowers at Clarks Elioak Farm is open from August 18th to September 4th.

This is a unique sunflower experience and you’ll be able to take some great photos with the Enchanted Forest Castle in the background. You can take sunflowers home too!

You can stick around for their Enchanted Forest attractions which include animals, train ride, pony ride and more.

The farm is home to a variety of animals, including goats, pigs, chickens, and cows.

Clark’s Elioak also has a really fun fall festival.

A sunflower field in Maryland with a silo in the background.
Source: Brooms Bloom Dairy

#11 Broom’s Bloom Dairy

1700 S Fountain Green Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015 | Website

Located along the Maryland Ice Cream Trail, Broom’s Bloom Dairy offers a beautiful sunflower field.

This is another place to see sunflowers while enjoying some “cow-to-cone” ice cream.

A box of sunflower honey ice cream sits on a counter near sunflower fields in Maryland.
Source: Brooms Bloom Dairy | Sunflower Hooney Ice Cream

While there is no sign of an event this year, we’ll update this as soon as we receive word of their next sunflower event.

Broom’s Bloom Dairy sunflowers are in full bloom!

The sunflowers are part of Broom’s Bloom Dairy’s sustainable farming practices, and they’re just one of the many ways that the dairy is working to be more environmentally friendly.

The sunflowers help to attract bees and other pollinators to the farm, and they also help to improve the soil quality.

A sunflower field in Maryland at Emily’s Produce
Source: Emily’s Produce

#12 Emily’s Produce Sunflower Spectactular

2214 Church Creek Rd, Cambridge, MD 21613 | Website

Emily’s Product Sunflower Spectacular has 40 types of sunflowers over 4 acres in Dorchester County.

This local farm in Maryland grows a variety of sunflowers, including some that are over eight feet tall! The blooms typically occur between mid to late July and early August

A woman swinging in a sunflower field in Maryland.
Source: Emily’s Produce

Emily’s Produce is open to the public for visits and also offers pick-your-own sunflowers.

Note: we do not see an event for this year. We’ll update this list when we receive notice of a new event.

Sunflowers in a field in Maryland with a blue sky.
Source: Emily’s Produce

#13 Clear Meadow Farms

3134 Troyer Rd, White Hall, MD 21161 | Website

The sunflowers of Clear Meadow Farms are planted in July so you can expect for them to bloom towards the end of September.

This year they planted 600,000 seeds!

They are so big and bright and full of life.

Sunflowers in a Maryland field at sunset.
Source: Valley View Acres

#14 Valley View Acres Sunflower Festival

4005 Valley View Rd, Middletown, MD 21769 | Website

This year the annual Sunflower Festival will take place on weekends from July 15th to August 6th.

Valley View Acres just may be the best place to see sunflowers in Maryland.

The fields are absolutely gorgeous during this time.

A man in Maryland enjoying a sunflower field.
Source: Valley View Acres

The best time to visit Valley View Acres is during the weekdays when the crowds are thinner. However, even on weekends the visits are so enjoyable, the whole family will have a great time!

Note: it seems Kilby Cream may now be closed

#15 Kilby Cream

129 Strohmaier Lane, Rising Sun, MD 21911

Kilby Cream is another farm on the Maryland Ice Cream Trail.

When it comes to sunflowers, Kilby Cream’s MD Sunflowers are the cream of the crop!

They have a very nice field that typically blooms in August.

Note: No dates have been mentioned for this year and we’ll update as soon as we hear news.

A green tractor in sunflower fields.
Source: Lockbriar Farms

#16 Lockbriar Farms

10051 Worton Rd, Chestertown, MD 21620 | Website

Lockbriar Farms sunflowers are a beautiful site in the summertime.

Lockbriar Farms offers a u-pick garden with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, flowers, lavender and herbs.

Typically starting in early August, you’ll find sunflowers blooming here.

Every year, the farm opens its fields to the public, and people come from all over to take photos and enjoy the view. The farm also offers a variety of other activities, including hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking in the fall.

A swing beneath sunflowers in Maryland.
Source: Gaver Farm

#17 Gaver Farm Sunflower Fields

5501 Detrick Rd, Mt Airy, MD 21771 | Website

Gaver Farm in Mount Airy, MD, has been growing sunflowers for over 20 years.

Gaver Farm is another pick-your-own farm with delicious pickings including pumpkins, apples and yes…sunflowers! Sunflowers typically bloom for a few weeks in September.

A butterfly perches on a sunflower in Maryland's sunflower fields.
Source: Gaver Farm

You will also take a free hayride to the pick your own fields.

This year, the sunflower fields will open on September 1st.

You will be able to explore the sunflower paths, take pictures with props like a hammock swing, piano and more right in the field.

A beautiful dog gets clicked at Sunflowers of Lisbon in Maryland
Source: Sunflowers of Lisbon

#18 Sunflowers of Lisbon

1404315448, Woodbine, MD 21797 | Website

The Sunflowers of Lisbon Maryland is an annual event that celebrates the blooming of the sunflowers.

This takes place through the end of July and tickets can be purchased online.

Admission gives you access to 13-acres of sunflowers and 4 cut blooms. You can cut more for $3 a piece. They also have live music from local musicians, free hayride to the fields, kid activities, food trucks and more.

A sunflower field in Maryland located in front of a house.
Source: Farm Heritage Conservatory

#19 Sunflower Festival at Farm Heritage Conservancy

6960 Serenity Farms Rd, Hughesville, MD 20637 | Website

The Sunflower Festival at the Farm Heritage Conservancy is an exciting new event that celebrates our agricultural heritage.

At this event, there are:

  • 6-acres of pick-your-own sunflowers
  • Hay rides
  • Photo opps
  • Art show
  • Petting pen
  • Vendors
  • Aand more

The event takes place on September 2-3, 2023 from 10am to 4pm.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance. Tickets include sunflower picking and the build-your-own bouquet station.

A woman is standing in a Maryland field of sunflowers.
Source: Clarksville Sunflower Market

#20 Clarksville Sunflower Market at Mary’s Land Farm

4979A Sheppard Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21042 | Website

The Clarksville Annual Sunflower Market takes place on August 1st this year.

The market will be at Mary’s Land Farm and there are 6-acres full of over a dozen varieties of sunflowers to choose from.

The sunflowers range from 2 to 12 feet depending on their type. Plus there are different shades of colors from yellow to orange and even deep red.

Clarksville Sunflower Market at Mary’s Land Farm

#21 Summers Farm Annual Sunflower Festival

7503 Hollow Rd, Middletown, MD 21769 | Website

This sunflower field has 8-acres containing thousands of sunflowers. And with over 35 different types of sunflowers, you’ll definitely get to see some sunflowers you probably have never seen before.

This annual event is open from August 18th to September 10th on select dates.

Two wooden doors with sunflowers in the middle of a Maryland field.
Source: Summer Farms

Tickets can be purchased online and include a wagon ride to the sunflower field, a free sunflower for you to pick and over 45 games and actvities for you to enjoy.

They have a nice fall festival that is a lot of fun.

Sunflower Fields in Maryland: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Maryland’s sunflower fields is from late July to early August, however, there are a few farms that have blooms through the end of September.

A field of sunflowers in Maryland under a blue sky.

Late July to early August is when most of the flowers are in full bloom and make for a stunning sight.

Local tip: keep in mind that the fields can get pretty crowded during this time, so it’s best to go early in the morning or on weekdays if possible to avoid the crowds.

One sunflowers bloom, they are typically open for 2-3 weeks, so when they bloom, it’s time to get up and go!

A sunflower in a field located in Maryland.

How to make the most of your visit

Make sure to pack plenty of water for when you go into the fields. It may be a good idea to let kids know ahead of time that there will be bees (and hopefully butterflies!) on and around the flowers.

This is a good opportunity to explain why.

Some places also let you bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the field while you take in the sights!

You may also want to bring sunscreen, sheers and a vase (with water!) to bring your flowers home in.

A Maryland sunflower field against a blue sky.

Tips for taking great sunflower photos

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur shutterbug, taking great photos of sunflowers is easier than you might think. Here’s some tips to help you take the best sunflower photos since you may only get one chance this year.

1. Choose the right time of day

The best time to take photos of sunflowers is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky and the light is softer. Avoid taking photos during the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky and the light is harsh.

2. Go as early as possible

If you want to get great shots of the full fields or even of the family, try going on days / times when it will be less crowded so no one will be in your way. The earlier in the day the better.

3. Consider the angle

Remember you can get down low and shoot up at the sunflowers or even bring a step ladder so you can get an awesome high view of the full field of flowers. You can also step back to photograph several flowers or step in real close to capture a small bee within the large bloom.

Picking the perfect sunflower

The best time to pick sunflowers is in the morning, after the dew has evaporated. This will help to prevent the flowers from wilting. It is also important to cut the stem at an angle, so that more water can be absorbed.

When you cut the flower, cut about 6″ from the base of the flower.

Kid enjoying at a sunflower field in Maryland

Picking Sunflowers in Maryland

Sunflower fields in Maryland are a fun and beautiful place to visit. The fields are a great place to take pictures, relax, and have a picnic. If you are looking for something to do this summer, I would highly recommend visiting a sunflower field in Maryland.

The flowers are in bloom from late July to early and even the end of September, so be sure to visit soon!

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