Bricks and Minifigs: Buy Sell Trade Lego in Store 2024

Bricks and Minifigs is he largest toy store that exclusively sells new and used Legos, including individual Lego pieces and sets. This is really your one-stop aftermarket Lego shop.

Not only can buy new and used Lego sets here, you can also sell or trade-in your own Legos (more on that below).

Bricks and Minifigs Toy Store

As you can imagine, this is a dream store for so many kids and Lego lovers!

What’s fun is that unlike the big retail stores, their curated inventory changes every day as they get new bricks and sets in. So everytime you visit, you can expect to find something new. 

What They Sell

They sell not only new, boxed sets, which were compareable in price to any other box store or online option like Walmart or Amazon, they also sell individual pieces. This unique toy store is your place to go for: 

  • Bulk bricks
  • Small parts
  • Retired sets
  • Certified Lego Sets
  • New Lego products
  • Larger pieces
  • Rare minifigs


When we arrived at our local Bricks and Minifigs, we immediately noticed the selection of individual minifigs available for sale. These are all the minifigs that come from new sets but here you can buy them individually. 

Of course my kids instantly found all the pieces they never knew they needed. I did notice that all of the pieces looked brand new.

I literally didn’t see a single minifig that looked damaged, dirty or used at all.

They were all very nicely organized in the display case with the prices all neatly labeled. 

Just like at a jewelry store, if you want to see a minifig, the staff member behind the counter will pull it out for you to see. 

They had several display cases full of all kinds of minifigs. While of course what’s available will always be changing, some of the minifigs we saw were: 

  • Donald and Daisy Duck
  • Moana
  • Horses
  • Scorpions
  • Dolphins and alligators
  • Pinocchio
  • Dinosaurs
  • Various Disney princesses
  • Harry Potter
  • Nexo knights
  • Spongebob

And to be honest, there were lots that I didn’t even recognize because we don’t watch many movies or shows.

We enjoyed taking our time looking at all the different sets and my kids imagination’s were running wild just thinking of which characters would be fun to add to their existing sets when they got back home. 

Bulk Tubs of Legos

Once we were done exploring all the different minifigs, we went over to the tables that had the largest assortment of random Lego pieces.

This is where you can stock up on bulk pieces of Lego in one place. These three large bulk tables were loaded with individual Lego pieces just waiting for you to sort through. 

You could either sift through all the pieces looking for just the ones you needed, or just scoop a whole bucket full of random pieces to take home. 

There were buckets, plastic bags and smaller tubs for you to fill up with Legos, all with varying prices. 

This is definitely a great way to be able to select the individual pieces you want or need to add to your collection!

Make Your Own Minifig

Heading towards the back of the store, was the Minifig Maker table. This was really neat because you could mix and match different minifig pieces to create your very own minifigs. You are able to mix and match a minifig using a: 

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Legs
  • Headgear
  • Accessory

All those pieces are inculded in the price. Plus, if you want additional accessories or other pieces, you can pay for those individually as well.

My daughter wanted to make her own minifig until she saw some already created for you, along with extra accessories in clear, round containers.

All of these minifigures are authentic Lego pieces. You can even verify it by looking at the head piece which has the Lego logo on the neck piece.

New and Certified Used Legos

The whole back wall of the store had tons of different Lego sets so there was more than enough to choose from. My kids quickly picked out a set, or better yet sets, that they wanted.

It was narrowing it down that was the hard part. I quickly Googled the sets to see how much more they cost than other stores and I was surprised that they were the same price.

I thought that since this store was dedicated to Legos, their prices would be higher. Fortunately that was not the case!

There was a small Certified Used Lego table towards the front of the store. All Certified Sets are used sets, however, the staff has gone through to make sure each set includes:

  • All pieces and parts
  • Minifigs
  • Instructions

In other words, these are 100% complete sets with no missing pieces.

While we didn’t pick one up this time as nothing peaked my kids interest at this table, I would imagine these would be basically like new as it sounds like that’s all they except and also from seeing how excellent each and every available piece looked in the store. 

They also certify that every single piece is from the Lego brand only as that is the only brand of blocks they sell.

This is a really great way to save some money and still feel like you have a brand new set.

If for any reason you ever found the set wasn’t complete, they would find the individual piece for you.

Retired & Rare Lego Sets

If you’re looking for old Legos,  you just may be able to find a set here. Their ‘Retired and Rare Sets’ section had about a dozen or so options of rare Lego sets or also Lego sets that are no longer being made.

We saw a Mindstorms EV which my son was very excited about.

Used Lego Sets

We noticed shelves on the backwall behind the counter as we were looking at the minifigs. Turns out these are all pre-assembled, used Lego sets. 

These sets are different than the Certified Lego sets as they may not include the instructions (although Lego has the instructions online), and it is possible they are missing a piece or even have a piece that is a different color.

You really shouldn’t even notice this but it’s good to know what you’re getting. These also don’t typically come with the box. 

Again, these are another great way to get different Lego sets without the higher price of a brand new set.

Buy Sell Trade Your Legos

It’s also neat that you can bring in your own Legos to trade for either more Legos in the store (with store credit) or get cash for them.

They’ll take a look at your Legos when you bring them in and make you an offer which you can choose to accept or decline. 

Note: Keep in mind, they will not accept brand new, sealed boxes. You will need to bring in sets that have already been built and include all the pieces and instructions.

They also will buy bulk legos from a small bucket amount to, as they say, “storage unit-sized collections.” 

They of course, need to make a profit on what they buy from you so you will need to consider that when reviewing your offer. 

I’ve had luck selling Lego sets on Facebook Marketplace but may consider trying to trade-in here in the future. The kids would like having their own credit to purchase something new with. 

Our Experience

When we were there, we saw two young men who were working. They were both busy cleaning individual Lego pieces with small make-up brushes.

They were also very helpful in offering assistanceand answering any questions. A number of times they approached the customers to make sure they didn’t have any questions.

This was nice as you didn’t have to track them done or feel like you were interrupting their task. In just listening to them help a customer for a few minutes, we could tell they have extensive knowledge and  years of experience with Legos and the sets. 

The store was very clean and all of the individual Lego pieces were in excellent condition.

Loyalty Program

The store also has a loyalty program you can sign-up for which allows you to earn points for your purchases. 

You will earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and once you earn 100 points, that gives you $6 off your next purchase. 

Once you reach 100 points, you have 60 days to use your reward before it expires. 

When you are checking out, the cashier will sign you up with your name and email address but you will not receive a card. We received an email confirmation of the sign-up.

You’ll then also be on their list so you are notified if they have events or special promotions going on. 


​Some Bricks and Minifigs locations hav emore events than others. Events change and rotate. We’ve seen events like:

  • Homeschool Lego day
  • Robotics workshop
  • More to explore

Birthday Parties

​While we didn’t attend a birthday party or see one happening, we did see the small party room at the back of the store. I’ve seen pictures of other locations with party rooms that looked bigger and more fun. I’m guessing once they set-up the room more and add-in the legos, it would be great. 

They will let you host a birthday party for  up to 12 kids. They do the decorating and of course, bring all the Lego bricks for the kids to build all kinds of creations. 


Bricks and Minifigs has locations (over 40 currently) all over the country and even in Canada. You can check their location map to find the store closest to you.

Bricks & Figs is in Most States Including:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Michigan
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • Kentucky
  • California
  • And many more

It’s a good idea to look at their location map to see if a new store is opening near you. Often they will have a grand opening which is a fun day to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

​Bow much does Bricks and Minifigs pay for legos?

The amount Bricks and Minifigs pays for Legos varies depending on what you bring in, the demand for what you have and how many they already have of what you want to sell. They will also offer you more in store credit than they will in cash. You will get more trying to sell the Legos on your own but this gives you the convenience of not having to deal with that process.

​Is bricks and minifigs owned by Lego?

​No, Bricks and Minifigs is not owned by Lego. It was founded by David Ortiz and John Masek and now each location is a Bricks and Minifigs Franchise.

How many Bricks and Minifigs are there?

Bricks and Minifigs has over 40 locations in the US and in Canada with new stores opening. Check their locator to see their current and upcoming store locations.

Good to Know Before You Go

  • You won’t find off-brand Legos here, these are all genuine Lego pieces and sets.
  • There are little pieces available within reach so be especially careful with kids 3 years of age and younger
  • If your child doesn’t have any Legos yet, this is a great place to take them for their first bricks

We only spent about 20-minutes in this toy shop but that was only because we had somewhere to be right after by a certain time.

We could have easily spend another 30-minutes (even though it only took about 30-seconds for them to find the first thing they wanted). 

Bricks and Minifigs has now become our one-stop Lego shop and is now where we go for all things Lego.

We used to order our Lego sets online or occassionally pick-up a set from Walmart, but the kids just have so much fun visiting the store where there is nothing but Legos. 

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